Irish Eagles Ready For Flight in
Season 2004

The new improved 2004 Rugby League Ireland season is about to commence in late April and the East Coast Eagles are in the midst of preperation for the upcoming season. They have recruited very well during the off season both locally and internationally to hopefully improve on last season. The 2003 season started relatively well for the club but unfortunately it was let down at times by a lack of depth for some key matches that left the club wanting at the wrong end of the season. This year the clubs administration have aimed at bolstering the ranks and setting in place measures such as having the same regular training and home playing ground week in week out, also organising sponsorship to ease the burden financially on players and administrators alike. "we really needed to organise a system that was going to make it easier on the club and the players this year both financially logistically as the club moved into its next chapter, we knew we couldn't please everyone but we think we have definatly found the right balance." states Wayne Comerford the clubs Manager.

The East Coast Eagles have also announced thier new coaching staff for the upcoming season bringing in Local Dave Hickey as Head Coach who is fresh from completeing his coaching certificate in the UK and also signing Conan Uphill from Canberra, Australia home of the Canberra Raiders as a Player and Assistant Coach, "Conan has brought a wealth of knowledge of Rugby League with him from Australia he has played for several successful clubs in Canberra such as the Queanbeyan Blues and Gungahlin Bulls both feeder clubs for the Canberra Raiders and he has learned alot because they eat breathe and sleep league over there" stated Wayne.

Also the club is very close to confirming a major sponsorship deal and will have an announcement on that in the near future along with the release of the latest playing strip which is possibly one of the best yet. Pre Season training and trials is about to start so watch the clubs website which is back online for more details.

Anyone wishing to find out about about playing Rugby League in Ireland for the Eagles this season and also if any teams wish to play Pre Season trial matches against the Eagles contact: Wayne on +353 877 988 332 or [email protected]