Johns set to quit league

Newcastle Knights superstar Andrew Johns is set to make a dramatic switch to rugby union despite declaring he would stay in rugby league just weeks ago.

The Knights captain is believed to be awaiting a formal offer from the New South Wales Waratahs, the club he is tipped to join next year.

It?s believed the offer will be in the vicinity of $1 million, almost double what the Knights? offer to keep him is understood to be.

Johns has been plagued with injury in recent seasons but his loss would be a huge blow to rugby league and to the Knights, who have slipped down the ladder since their skipper was injured earlier this year.

Earlier this month, Johns declared he would stay in rugby league and had no interest in joining rugby union. But in a remarkable backflip, Johns has renewed discussions with the code.

Johns? manager John Fordham said he expects the formal offer to arrive on his desk by the end of the week, but that doesn?t mean his client will immediately accept it.

?I was asked today if you would put my house on Andrew going to union," Fordham told The Sydney Morning Herald. "I've been working 40 years to get a house. So, no, I wouldn't."

Johns is expected to wait until after June 30 to make a decision on his future, to ensure there is not any significant offers from other NRL clubs.