Johns to announce decision

Andrew Johns will announce he has re-signed with the Newcastle Knights and rejected an offer from rugby union.

We can reveal a press release will be issued within the next hour declaring Johns has signed a two-year deal with the Knights and will stay in rugby league.

Johns was tipped to make an announcement last night on Channel Nine?s Footy Show but the exercise proved to be a ratings stunt, with the injured halfback saying he still didn?t know what he wanted to do.

In a self-written article for The Daily Telegraph this morning, Johns hinted he would stay in rugby league but claimed he was still split between the two codes.

?My manager John Fordham told me that he met with News Ltd chief executive John Hartigan and I appreciate what he had to say, and what Channel 9 chief executive David Gyngell had to offer for my post-football career,? Johns said in the article.

?On top of that I don't know what my career prospects would be after a short career in rugby union.

?Then there is the most important person in all of this, my son Samuel. Taking the rugby offer would mean moving away from Newcastle and seeing less of him.

And, while I like the idea of living in Sydney and being a little more anonymous, I don't like the idea of living away from Samuel.?

Insiders say Johns? manager John Fordham is currently preparing a press release that will be issued at 10am.