Johns to Undergo Surgery

After undergoing an MRI scan today, the original diagnosis of a torn anterior cruciate ligament to Knights skipper Andrew Johns has been confirmed.

At this stage, it is likely he will undergo corrective surgery this Friday, April 2.

Knights rookie fullback, David Seage also had his fears of a similar injury confirmed today and faces surgery in the short term as well.

Speaking today, Coach Michael Hagan said he and the team were extremely sorry for both players, but were determined to rise to the challenge of their long-term absence from the side.

?I spoke with Andrew yesterday morning and he is quite up-beat, all things considered,? he said.

?I know that he intends going to the gym this afternoon, which is an indication of where his mind is at.?

?I do know that anyone who understands what makes him tick, would have a great deal of confidence in his ability to fight back from this set-back.?

?I also know that the rest of the team is very determined to accept the challenge in front of them.?

?In saying that, it will be a very big challenge, as on top of the loss of Mark Hughes, Craig Hall and Clint Newton in the pre-season, we have now lost Steve Simpson, Johns, Seage and possibly TimanaTahu (hamstring) in the last 3 or 4 days.?

?All in all, it wasn?t a great day at the office on Saturday, but I know that I have a team of men with great character ? something that gives me heart for the remainder of the season.?

The Knights will hold a media conference tomorrow at 11.30am.