Jubilee grandstand extension gains unanimous Council support

Kogarah Council tonight granted consent to the extension of the existing grandstand and the upgrade of associated facilities at OKI Jubilee Stadium.

The grandstand can now be extended northwards to replace the existing temporary seating and southwards towards Jubilee Avenue. Importantly, the upgrade of the change rooms and additional corporate areas will guarantee that the Dragons' spiritual home will meet NRL standards for home semi-finals.

The Council meeting was attended by Dragons' CEO Peter Doust, the St.George DRLFC'S Ron Bennett and Frank Bates. Also in attendance were R2K representatives and a number of residents that were opposed to the Development Application (DA).

Two residents registered to speak against the DA due to the fact that the grandstand will be cantilevered out towards Park Street, amongst other minor issues.

Dragons' CEO Peter Doust gave an informative presentation on the development plans and answered a number of questions from Kogarah Councillors regarding the proposed schedule of works. Doust also explained the issue of the overhang of the grandstand and how this would not detract from general park use.

As a North Ward ratepayer, R2K's Lachlan McLean spoke in favour of the grandstand extension at one of Australia's most hallowed sporting grounds.

In addition, support was expressed for the incorporation of a museum at the stadium:

"The proposal to include a St.George museum at Jubilee Stadium, once the lease is modified, can only be seen as a positive for the Kogarah community," McLean stated.

"Jubilee and the St.George Football Club are inextricably linked and it is logical that the museum would be incorporated into an upgraded stadium. The museum will be more easily accessible to children at the ground than it would be at the St.George Leagues Club, and the St.George Legends' Walk is already based in Kogarah Park."

A motion to approve the DA was reluctantly put forward by Councillor Nick Katris and it was unanimously supported the other Councillors. Tonight Kogarah Council have ensured that the final stage of the Jubilee upgrade will be completed.