Jubilee meets sustainability

Kogarah Council's Annual Report has lauded the ecologically sustainable development principles behind the recent Jubilee Oval upgrade. The improvements to Oki Jubilee met sustainability requirements that ensured that the local environment wasn't degraded.

The guiding principles behind the upgrade included the conservation of energy and consideration of the site's ecological systems. Accordingly, new buildings and landscape works were constructed to minimize the reliance on fossil fuels and promote renewable energy possibilities. At the same time, the new works were designed to harmonize with the seasonal climatic conditions, natural energy sources and other ecological systems.

The design of the building and landscape works minimized the use of new resources and integrated user needs whilst ensuring ecologically sustainable practices. Importantly, the works associated with the landscape considered the inclusion of endemic vegetation and the creation of habitat opportunities for native species.

These principles provided a widespread planning and development method to the built and landscaped environment within Jubilee Oval and surrounding parkland.

The upgrade was completed by Kinsley Constructions in May 2003 in readiness for the return of the Dragons to their spiritual home. Kinsley Constructions held a contract with Kogarah Council for the upgrade of 1.38 million dollars.

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