Junior Bears Run In The Footsteps
Of Their Seniors

In October 2004 the North Sydney Premier League side began their arduous training schedule with a visit to one of the icons of Rugby League training - the Cooper Park Stairs.

12 months later the Bears S. G. Ball side have attempted to emulate their elders by attempting to run those very same stairs.

Twenty gruelling laps of stairs in two gruelling hours was the target.

Egged on by support staff including inspirational Premier League Fullback John Russell, the boys put in a huge effort. But it was not just running the stairs. The newly appointed Bears were also asked to bunny hop and sidewind up each and every step.

The day finished with a revealing speech from one of the icons of the club, fullback John Russell. John talked of how hard and tough he liked to play his football as the discussion continued on the importance of communicating and playing as a team.

"It was a very hard day" said Coach Michael Pobjie. "But the boys will remember this. When times are tough during the season the catch cry will be 'Cooper Park'".

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Photo: Bears do the bunny-hop during the gruelling training session by the S. B. Ball team at the Cooper Park stairs. Photo: Steve Little