Junior Kangaroos and Kiwi Squads

Junior Kangaroos and Kiwi Squads for this Sunday's test match at WIN Jubilee Oval in Kogarah have been selected. The match will kick off at 2:30pm, which follows an open training session at 1PM with the Australian Kangaroos squad. Entry to WIN Jubilee Oval is free on the day.

Junior Kangaroos v Junior Kiwis
Sunday, October 13,
WIN Jubilee Oval, Kogarah
Kick off 2.30pm


Your Two Cents...

  • John

    As in any social environment the few bad apples always overshadow the vast majority of decent fans, but I agree that alcohol at matches seems to be open slather. I recently attended a 5.30 pm kickoff match and a couple of guys were clearly well under the weather before the start. The recent racial abuse of Frank Pritchard's wife at Manly by the usual suspects made me ashamed to be Australian, although some of these guys would be bottom feeders whether drunk or sober. I don't have all the answers but agree booze should be limited.