Justice was harsh but fair

With the Bulldogs being fined $500,000.00 and educted 37 points after their salary cap breach, David Gallop has proven he is the man to have lead the NRL over the coming years with a harsh but fair penalty.

The Bulldogs will now finish with the wooden spoon for season 2002 but there is still no word on what will happen to the club for next year and if players will have to be released to get the club under the cap.

The penalty certainly will act as a deterrent should clubs wish to travel this path in the future and it has given the game a lot more credibility in the face of the most tumultuous week since news of the Super League war broke out back in 1995.

There were far too many egos to appease back then but one man has given us hope for the future of the game and all credit must go to David Gallop and the NRL board as I am in no doubt the survival of the game hinged on the decision handed down this afternoon.

Obviously this is not the end of the turmoil for the Bulldogs with more revelations today that the club channeled money out of the Oasis development and is subject to council hearings and the possibililty of Police action is certainly not out of the question.

As for the rest of us, we can breathe a huge sigh of relief that the collective voice of the fans has been given paramount priority. Some say the game is nothing without the players and that may be true but without the fans you have nothing, no game, no team, no soul. Roll on the finals and well may we enjoy the great games we are certain to see come September.