Kearns and Scott in Hyperbaric

Melbourne Storm players Robbie Kearns and Dennis Scott will be in the Hyperbaric Chamber at Vaucluse Hyperbaric this afternoon in an effort to accelerate the recovery of their shoulder injuries. Both players are hopeful of playing in the semi final clash against the Cowboys on Saturday night.

Hyperbaric treatment should help to limit swelling and increase blood flow to the joint by the increased atmospheric pressure causing compression on the injured tissues.

Time: 1:45pm (treatment takes 81 minutes to complete)

Storm injury report Monday 12th September

Robbie Kearns Robbie dislocated his left shoulder during the game against Brisbane on Saturday night. The joint was put back into place in the rooms and an X-ray that night confirmed that it was back in the correct position. Robbie had an MRI when we returned to Melbourne yesterday. Initial reports suggested that he had torn one of his rotator cuff muscles, however the complete report this morning shows that he has a slight tear in the joint capsule and the cartilage rim of the joint, with deep bruising in the rotator cuff, but no tear. He will have intensive treatment this week and is a possibility to recover in time for Saturday's game.

Billy Slater Billy injured his left ankle in the second half on Saturday night. Our initial diagnosis was that he had sustained a high ankle sprain and this was confirmed on the MRI scan yesterday. This injury affects the ligament at the front of the joint between the two bones of the lower leg, just above the ankle. At this stage Bill is wearing a Cam walker/ ankle brace and is on crutches and he is expected to be on the sidelines for between two and six weeks.

Alex Chan Alex aggravated a chronic left shoulder injury in the game on the weekend. This restricted him in the second half of the game, but he recovered well afterwards. We expect that he will respond well to treatment through the week and that he will be available for selection this weekend.

Dennis Scott Scooter?s left shoulder didn?t quite come up in time for the game on the weekend, but he continues to improve and at this stage we expect him to be available to play on Saturday.