Kimmorley says Anderson is the
Right Man

Australian halfback Brett Kimmorley has asked Australian selectors to back Chris Anderson as coach of Australia.

Chris Anderson is under pressure at his club while the QRL are once again wanting Anderson to be sacked from the Australian Coaching job.

Just last week Chris Anderson picked Darren Smith who is playing in England at the moment and is soon to turn 35. He picked Smith ahead of premiership winner Luke Lewis.

After the 3-0 series victory Kimmorley said "A lot of it is down to him"

"He copped a fair bit of stick for us having a few beers and coming together to do a bit of travelling before we arrived. But once we got here, we did the serious things.

"The people back home like to rip into him, and the best thing he could have done was win 3-0. Why sack a bloke when he's done something that hasn't been achieved for nearly 20 years?

"I think he should stay. I've seen him show some passion and get some enjoyment into the game again. He probably lost a bit of that this year with what's been occurring back home, but I've never seen him as happy to win a football game."