Knights defeat Roosters
in Gosford


Round 22
Sydney Roosters 18 v Newcastle Knights 32
at Central Coast Stadium
Referee: Tony Archer

Match Summary:

A powerful first half from the Newcastle Knights and in particular Andrew Johns has seen them to a 32-18 win over the Sydney Roosters at Bluetongue Stadium in Gosford today.

The Knights scored four tries in the first half to lead 26-6 at halftime. It only took the Knights 50 seconds to open the scoring, Johns putting Simpson into a hole before Simpson offloaded to Buderus who scored out wide. The Knights were in again after 11 minutes when Andrew Johns stepped the defence and scored under the posts. The Knights were going at over a point a minute was they went up 18-0 after 15 minutes when the Roosters fumbled a Johns bomb and Chris Bailey dived on the dregs and scored.

It was 24-0 after 27 minutes when Danny Buderus put Luke Davico over from close range. The Roosters struck back six minutes before halftime with a try to one of their more impressive players, Shaun Foley. The Knights were denied a try by the video referee just on halftime, however a penalty went their way and Johns added the two points for the 20 point halftime lead.

The second half meandered along for the most part with both sides going through the motions. The Knights scored their final try just before the hour mark with Riley Brown scoring out wide. The Roosters scored two late tries, one to Iosia Soliola and one to departing centre Ryan Cross.

With the result the Knights move up into the top four. Next week the Knights host the Sea Eagles on Friday night, while the Roosters travel west to face the Panthers.

Sydney Roosters: 18
Tries: Ryan Cross, Iosia Soliola, Shaun Foley
Goals: Craig Fitzgibbon 2/2, Josh Lewis 1/1
Newcastle Knights: 32
Tries: Danny Buderus, Andrew Johns, Luke Davico, Chris Bailey, Riley Brown
Goals: Andrew Johns 6/6
Crowd: 18,124

By the Clock:
Hello from Gosford. Today we have an important match for the Newcastle Knights, as a victory will keep them in the top 8 hunt.

The Knights have lost Reynoldson, Lowrie and Mullen, and have given Chris Bailey, Daniel Abraham and Riley Brown the call up. The Roosters are 1-17.

Last week the Knights got home in a close game against the Sharks while the Roosters belted the Cowboys.

Big crowd at Bluetongue Stadium, grey skies.

1 min: Tony Archer blows time on and the Roosters kick off!

1 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
A terrible start for the Roosters. On tackle three Johns puts Simpson into space, Simpson races away and unloads to Buderus who has to do some work to dot down in the corner. Johns converts and it is a perfect start for the Knights.
Knights 6-0

5 min: The Knights put Ryan Cross into touch while the Roosters are on attack.

7 min: The Knights pick up a goal line drop out after some shambolic play from the Roosters at the back.

10 min: The Knights get another drop out when Foley can't escape the in goal. He came impressively close however.

11 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Johns steps the Roosters defence from five out and scores under the posts. He converts his own try.
Knights 12-0

15 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Johns puts up a bomb, the Roosters fumble it and Chris Bailey comes up with the ball and scores 10 to the left of the posts. Johns converts.
Knights 18-0

22 min: The Knights go back on attack with a penalty.

24 min: The Knights go close several times but the Roosters hold out.

27 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Buderus puts Davico over from close range. The Roosters are all at sea, Johns converts.
Knights 24-0

31 min: The Roosters get their best attacking opportunity and Amos Roberts knocks on.

32 min: Abraham puts in a kick and Thaiday knocks on in an effort to ground the ball.

33 min: Johns comes up with his worst play of the game throwing the ball right to a Roosters player.

34 min: TRY Sydney Roosters
Lewis puts up a banana kick, Abraham can't hold on to it and Foley dives onto the ball to score beside the posts. Fitzgibbon converts.
Knights 24-6

39 min: VIDEO REF - For a Knights try..

39 min: NO TRY - Knights
The penalty goes against the Roosters for interfering with a player going for the ball, the player knocked the ball on so that is why the penalty goes to the Knights.

40 min: PENALTY GOAL Newcastle Knights
Off the back of the penalty mentioned above, Johns nails the goal and we go to halftime.
Knights 26-6

The Knights have dominated for most of this match, after racing to an 18-0 lead after 15 minutes and justifiably lead by 20 at halftime.

40 min: Underway in the second half!

40 min: Ryan Cross knocks on 10 out from his own line.

42 min: Cross makes up for his error with an intercept and he runs 80 metres to put the Roosters on attack.

43 min: VIDEO REF - For a Roosters try...

43 min: NO TRY - Roosters
Ryan Cross is ruled offside after Thaiday fumbles a kick and Perrett gets the ball down.

44 min: Knights pick up a line drop out.

46 min: Lewis kicks out on the full attempting a 40/20.

51 min: The Roosters survive another Knights attacking set, but concede a drop out.

53 min: The Roosters hold out again and Roberts takes a Johns bomb to get the Roosters possession, only for the Roosters to knock on a few plays later.

55 min: VIDEO REF - For a Knights try...

55 min: NO TRY - Knights
Johns knocks on reaching out for the line.

56 min: Thaiday initally has trouble recovering the ball, he then breaks away and runs 80 metres.

56 min: SIN BIN - Finch is given 10 minutes for holding Thaiday down for too long.

57 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
The Knights take advantage of having an extra man, Riley Brown scores out wide off a Buderus cut out pass. It all came off a great break by Milton Thaiday who ran through some feeble defence. Johns converts.
Knights 32-6

61 min: 40/20 - Lewis picks up a 40/20 for the Roosters.

62 min: The Roosters waste the 40/20, the Knights recover the ball and go back on attack.

65 min: TRY Sydney Roosters
Soliola scores off a Setaimata Sa flick pass. Fitzgibbon converts off the upright from out wide.
Knights 32-12

67 min: CROWD - 18,124

71 min: TRY Sydney Roosters
The Roosters put in a grubber for Cross who scores out wide and he loses his pants in a Carney tackle. Lewis converts.
Knights 32-18

75 min: Knights pick up another drop out.

79 min: Thaiday ends a pedestrian Knights attacking set by getting put into touch.

Fulltime, and the Knights have moved up into the top 4.
----------------------------------------- players of the match:
3 - Andrew Johns
2 - Danny Buderus
1 - Milton Thaiday