Knights grind out win

The Newcastle Knights have defeated the Parramatta Eels 20-12 in front of 12,022 fan on a cool night at Parramatta Stadium.The Knights started well but the Eels managed to fight back early in the first half.

The first try came through James McManus when he crossed over for the first try of the match in only the fourth minute on the back of a Jarrod Mullen bomb.

The Parramatta Eels got right back into the game with an unlikely try. Matthew Keating fumbled the ball backwards, passing to Sandow who easily cut the defenders to pieces with a great step before he offloaded back to Keating who scored the try next to the posts.

The Knights got out of the blocks fast in the second half, with a Mullen try in the 42nd minute. Mullen took it to the line before stepping inside and charging over the try line. Tyrone Roberts put the Knights six-points in front.

Kevin Naiqama continued the scoring in the second half for the Knights, as the talented fullback sprinted 90 metres to score beating Parramatta fullback Luke Burt and veteran back rower Nathan Hindmarsh on the way.

Akuila Uate provws the New South Wales selectors wrong with a great try, finishing off an even better back line move. Roberts was unsuccesful with the shot at goal keeping the Knights total to 14-points.

Ken Sio supplied the Eels' first second half try after a good shift from the Parrmatta side. Sandow took on the line before offloading in the tackle and Burt delievered the final pass to Ken Sio. Burt nailed the conversion cutting the Knights' lead to just 8.

There was the hint of a comeback from the Eels, but it wasn't to be.

Parramatta will now travel to Brookvale Oval where they will take on Manly, while the Knights will try extend their winning streak to three by defeating South Sydney at ANZ Stadium.

Match Details
Parramatta Eels 12 were defeated by Newcastle Knights 20
National Rugby League - Round 17 - Saturday June 30, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: Parramatta Stadium
Referee: Matt Cecchin and Phil Haines
Video Referee: Paul Mellor
Touch Judges: Ricky MacFarlane and Adam Gee
Crowd: 12,022
Halftime: Parramatta Eels 6 Newcastle Knights 6 players of the match:
3 Points - Jarrod Mullen (1 Try)
2 Points - Akuila Uate (1 Try)
1 Point - Luke Kelly

Parramatta Eels (12)
Tries: Matt Keating, Ken Sio
Conversions: Luke Burt (2/2)

Newcastle Knights (20)
Tries: Jarrod Mullen, James McManus, Akuila Uate, Kevin Naiqama
Conversions: Tyrone Roberts (2/4) Live Commentary TEAM NEWS: Just the one change for the Knights, Kevin Naiqama replaces Peter Mata'utia at fullback in jersey 18.

Meanwhile for the Eels, Taniela Lasalo has been ruled out with Reni Maitua added to bench in his place
Moments away from kick off here at Parramatta Stadium with both sides going through their final preparations in the sheds.
Knights are on the field. The Eels will kick off.
1 min: The Eels kick off the match. Knights have the ball
1 min: Jarrod Mullen kicks downfield and Ken Sio plays the ball 23 from his line.
1 min: Last tackle and Chris Sandow kicks but McManus brings the ball back to the 30 for the Knights.
2 min: Knights are into the Eels half
2 min: The Knights place up an attacking bomb but Ken Sio defuses
3 min: Eels doing it tough and will clear the ball just inside the 40 as Naiquama brings it back 37 metres from the Knights line.
3 min: Knights easily back into the Eels half
6 min: TRY
Jarrod Mullen bombs it and Dane Gagai comes down with the ball, passes left and the quick hands sees McManus scoring in the corner. Tyrone Roberts converts.
Newcastle Knights 6-0
6 min: After a slip off the kick off, the Knights are over their 20 on the second
6 min: Mullen finds the ground but once again Ken Sio gets to the ball.
7 min: A forward pass from the Eels and the Knights will have a scrum 35 metres from the Eels line
8 min: Edwards goes to hit a gap but Luke Kelly gets slow to put in a great tackle which forces the ball loose. 20 metre tap Eels.
9 min: Luke Kelly puts a massive bomb up but Naiquama brings it back to his 10
10 min: Under pressure Mullen clears the ball but Luke Burt comes back, finds a gap and Tahu brings him down on the 35 metre line.
10 min: Eels easily into the Knights half
11 min: Sandow under pressure is forced to pass and after a flurry of passes, it goes back to Sandow who finally kicks the ball and the Knights have it.
12 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Eels. Player tackled in the air. Eels 1-0 Knights.
12 min: Concern for Eels centre Cheyse Blair
12 min: Eels have the ball on the 30 metre line. first tackle
13 min: Eels into the Knights half
13 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Eels. High tackle. Eels 2-0 Knights
13 min: Eels on the attack 20 from the Knights line
15 min: TRY
After a fumble from hooker, Sandow receives the ball, steps right into the gap before coming to Naiqama but he is able to offload to Matt Keating who dives over to score. Luke Burt converts.
6 all
15 min: The game is back underway with Mannah tackled on the 15 metre line.
17 min: Knights put up a halfway kick and the Eels winger spills it backwards before being tackled on the 10
18 min: Sandow kicks from inside his 40, the Knights player bats it back inside after a certain 40/20 and the Knights retain.
19 min: Mullen kicks but Burt caches it simply and plays the ball on his 29 metre.
19 min: Keating kicks from out of dummy half and McManus picks up the ball and is tackled 20 from his line.
20 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Knights. Offside. Eels 2-1 Knights.
21 min: Knights put the ball down in great position.
21 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Eels. Not releasing tackled player. Eels 3-1 Knights.
21 min: Eels attacking inside the Newcastle 30
22 min: Sandow kicks in goal and Uate is cleaned up. Drop out Knights.
24 min: A low kick from Sandow sees Tahu takes it in goal for a 20 tap
24 min: Knights into the Eels half 25 min: Mullen bombs the ball and it bounces around before Burt cleans it up
25 min: Kelly kicks to Naquama who takes it on his 20 and brings it back 15 metres
26 min: James McManus is taken into touch by some great Eels defence. Scrum Eels on halfway.
27 min: Some great attack by the Eels and Sio offloads to Blair but he puts it down.
28 min: Scrum Knights 20 from their line.
29 min: Dane Gagai is taken into touch and the Eels have another scrum on the halfway line.
30 min: Eels 30 from the Knights line.
30 min: Sandow throws a forward pass and the knights will have a scrum at the 20 metre line.
31 min: Knights put up an attacking bomb through Roberts but Burt takes it easily.
32 min: Blair puts a grubber in for himself but the Knights collect it.
33 min: Mullen bombs inside the Eels half but once again, Burt brings it down.
34 min: Sandow puts a big kick in and the Knights will have a 20 metre tap
34 min: Fui Fui Moi Moi stays down hoping to draw a blocking penalty but none will be forthcoming.
35 min: Mullen kick down low and evades all defenders but Sio has the ball.
35 min: Sandow kicks from the halfway line and Naqama brings it back and will be tackled on the 20.
36 min: Mullen grubbers and it beats all defenders into touch with a scrum to the Eels on the 10 metre line.
38 min: Keating kicks from dummy half and he finds Naiqama and he is tackled easily by the defence.
39 min: Mullen once again kicks into touch. Eels scrum on the 10.
40 min: Time will run out and it is halftime.
40 min: The Knights have us back under way.
40 min: Another forward pass from Chris Sandow and the Knights will have a scrum 45 metres out from the Eels line.
43 min: TRY
Jarrod Mullen dummies, steps and scores an easy try. Tyrone Roberts converts.
Newcastle Knights 12-6
43 min: The game is back under way as Zeb Taia is hurt from a big hit off the kick off.
44 min: The Knights go for an early kick but Mullen slips, but Roberts kicks and Burt brings it from his 20 to the 40 metre line
44 min: Eels are into the Knights half
45 min: Sandow puts an awkward kick in and the Knights have the ball just metres from their line.
46 min: Mullen puts a mid field bomb up but Ken Sio defuses it and plays it on the 40.
46 min: Eels are into the Knights half
47 min: The Eels put a kick up and Uate takes the catch simply and is driven back by Eels defenders.
47 min: Mullen kicks it to Sio who plays the ball on his 20
48 min: Sandow kicks the ball down and Naiqama runs back into the Eels defence.
49 min: Roberts puts a bomb up and Luke Burt catches it. He runs back, beats two defenders before being brought down
50 min: Kelly kicks towards the sideline but the Knights scoop it up
50 min: TRY
Naiqama breaks away from the Eels defenders and sprints down field, steps Burt and scores the try.
Newcastle Knights 16-6
53 min: The game is back underway
54 min: Mullen kicks down and Luke Burt is tackled on his 20
54 min: Kelly finds Uate who charges back to his 30
54 min: Kade Snowden is off with an ankle injury.
55 min: Mullen puts a high one up, Burt fumbled and Houston almost scores. six again. Knights inside the Eels 10
56 min: Time is off as Dane Gagai is injured
56 min: Time back on. fourth tackle.
56 min: TRY
Uate has scored in the corner with a good backline play.
Newcastle Knights 20-6
57 min: The game is back underway.
57 min: A good kick frm the Knights as Morgan is tackled by knights defenders.
58 min: Eels into the Knights half
59 min: Sandow kicks to the corner but the kick is too big. Knights 20 metre tap.
60 min: Mullen kicks it dead the Eels will have a 20 metre tap.
60 min: Eels into Knights half
61 min: Once again the kick goes dead and the Knights will get a 20 tap
62 min: A high kick goes up from the Knights, Gagai knocks it on and the eels will now work it from their 20
63 min: Sandow puts an attaking bomb up from his 40 and the ball bounces and the Eels defence smashes the Knights.
63 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Knights. Eels 3-2 Knights
64 min: Off the penalty, Costigan knocks it on. Scrum 40 metres out for the Eels.
65 min: Sandow puts a cross field bomb across, but Sio drops it and Roberts cleans up for the Knights.
65 min: Roberts kicks to Sio on the full and he runs it back to just over his 30
67 min: The Eels knock it on and the Knights will have a scrum on the half way line
67 min: Knights are into the Eels half.
68 min: Mullen puts a grubber in but it is too big and goes dead. 20 tap to the Eels.
68 min: Eels are into the Knights half
69 min: Luke Burt bombs it up and the Knights knock it on through Uate.
69 min: The Eels have a scrum just 10 metres from the try line.
70 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Eels. High tackle. Eels 4-2 Knights
72 min: TRY
Try Ken Sio! Has it got them back into the game? Burt converts.
Newcastle Knights 20-12
72 min: Eels have the wind their sails.
72 min: Luke Kelly goes straight through the line but the Eels drops the ball, and the Knights have the scrum on the 20 metre line.
73 min: Mullen kicks early in the set and Burt gets to the ball on the full
74 min: Eels into the Knights half
74 min: Kelly chips the ball and Buderous gets to the ball first and cleans up
75 min: The Eels have the ball 35 out from their line
77 min: Mullen clears the ball and Sio will pick it up and be tackled just over his 30
78 min: After a comedy of errors, Parramatta will have the scrum 20 from theKnights line.
78 min: Sandow kicks from the scrum but Uate secures the ball and all but wins the game.
79 min: Mullen kicks into touch. Scrum Eels 40 from their line.
80 min: That is all from Parramatta stadium with a flurry of attack. Knights win.

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