Knights investigate sexual assault

A Newcastle Knights rugby league player broke into a university dorm and put his hands down a woman's pants during an alcohol-fuelled rampage with other Knights players, it was reported on Sunday.

The NRL club has launched an investigation into the incident on Sunday morning at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst.

The report said one player had burst into a dorm, straddled a female and put his hands down her pants.

It said dormitory staff had contacted the club to lodge an official complaint against four players.

A spokesman for the club said the matter was "minor".

The Knights were in Bathurst for a pre-season match on Saturday.

The League Correspondent said fans brought two of the players back to the dorm about 3am and they had left, later returning with two others.

The second pair let off fire extinguishers and knocked on the doors of female residents.

A number of girls said the players forced their way into their rooms, with one player chased down the street by security guards in his underpants.

The Correspondent said the university did not want to take further action.