Knights run away with second half

In a strong second half performance the Newcastle Knights have beaten the South Sydney Rabbitohs 24-8 at Energy Australia Stadium.

It was a sluggish first half effort from the Knights and despite an early try they soon found themselves behind on the scoreboard as Steve Skinnon took an intercept and scored close to the posts.

Both sides traded a penalty goal apiece to go into half time with the score at 8-6 in favour of South Sydney.

After ten minutes in the company of Coach Michael Hagan, the Knights came out a livelier side for the second half and only minutes in took the lead back with a second try to Craig Hall.

Then in the 63rd minute George Carmont strolled over, quickly followed up by a try to Robbie O?Davis to seal the result for Newcastle and continue the pain of South Sydney fans.

EnergyAustralia Stadium Referee: Shayne Hayne Video Referee: Graeme West. Touch Judges: Paul Holland, David Abood

Scorers: KNIGHTS Tries: 2 Hall, Carmont, O'Davis Goals: Abraham 4/5 RABBITOHS Tries: Skinnon Goals: Byrne 2/2

By the clock: 0 min: Kick-off!

5th min: NEWS - Good conditions for football. Fine weather and the surface appears to be in reasonable condition. There is a large area in the middle of the ground where the turf was re-laid yesterday which is quite sandy but shouldn't cause major problems.

6th min: NEWS - The Rabbitohs have managed to withstand early pressure with the Knights have 3 back to back sets of six in opposition territory.

8th min: TRY - Knights. After a controversial penalty awarded to Newcastle Daniel Abraham threw a cut out ball to Craig Hall who dived over in the corner. Abraham fails to convert - Knights 4-0.

11th min: TRY - Rabbitohs. Newcastle attempted to spread the ball wide but Todd Lowrie threw an intercept pass to Steve Skinnon who ran 30 metres to score next to the posts. Byrne converts - Rabbitohs 6-4.

16th min: NEWS - Newcastle are starting to look a little flat as well as letting some mistakes creep into their game.

20th min: PENALTY GOAL - Rabbitohs. Newcastle gave away a penalty 30 out from their line for holding down in the tackle and Dean Byrne slotted the two points for the Bunnies - Rabbitohs 8-4.

23rd min: PENALTY GOAL - Knights. The Rabbitohs gave away a penalty for interference in the play the ball area and Daniel Abraham slotted the two points for the Knights - Rabbitohs 8-6.

27th min: NEWS - Newcastle look to be livelier now after falling asleep for the last 20 minutes while Souths kicking game continues to let them down.

29th min: NEWS - A great bit of defence from Robbie O'Davis has saved a Souths try by putting Glenn Hall into touch just before the try line.

33rd min: NEWS - Souths have completed 14 out of 16 sets of six which shows a much improved Rabbitohs outfit from recent weeks.

38th min: NEWS - The Rabbitohs look a little shaky on defence with half time looming, they'd be shattered to loose the lead this close to the break.

40th min: HALF TIME - It's been a very good display of the basic from Souths in the first half. The two areas letting them down though are their kicking game and taking advantage of their very healthy share of field possession. They'll need to improve in both those areas to hold of the nights in the second spell. Half time score - Rabbitohs 8 Knights 6.

41st min: The second half is underway!

44th min: NEWS - Newcastle have started with much more intensity than played with in the first half.

46th min: TRY - Knights. O'Davis on the kick return got the ball away to George Carmont who ran around Byrne then drew in the fullback and gave Craig Hall and easy run to the line. Abraham converts - Knights 12-8.

50th min: NEWS - Andrew Price of the Knights has been put on report for a high tackle on Kearney.

54th min: NEWS - A great run from Robbie O'Davis making 40 metres and bumping off about 5 players on the way.

59th min: NEWS - O'Davis again leading the way puling off a great tackle on Brad Watts to trap him in goal and force a line drop out. Without a doubt the best player on the field for Newcastle tonight.

63rd min: TRY - Knights. Kurt Gidley ran the ball on the last tackle and it eventually came out to Daniel Abraham who went through a gap before off loading to send George Carmont into score. Abraham converts - Knights 18-8.

67th min: TRY - Knights. Danny Buderus went from dummy half and found him in space before putting Robbie O'Davis in under the posts. Abraham converts - Knights 24-8.

71st min: NEWS - The Bunnies are unleashing a late flurry of attack but it appears too little too late.

74th min: NEWS - Robbie O'Davis has been denied a second try by the video referee, ruling that Kurt Gidley knocked the ball on.

77th min: NEWS - Souths to their credit are handing on tough in these final minutes when ten minutes ago it looked like the flood gates could open.

80th min: FULL TIME - Newcastle showed much more enthusiasm in the second half and managed to run down the Rabbitohs but not without a scare or two along the way. Full time score - Knights 24 Rabbitohs 8.

----------------------------------------- players of the match: 3 - R O'Davis (Knights) 2 - D Buderus (Knights) 1 - C Hall (Knights) -----------------------------------------