Knights secure victory,
defence out the window


Round 2
Newcastle Knights 70 def Canberra Raiders 32

Match summary:

The Newcastle Knights have scored an astounding 70-32 victory over the Canberra Raiders in a contest where defence went the way of the Dinosaurs.

The game is now a record for the most points scored in a game of rugby league, beating St George?s 91-6 victory over Canterbury in round 5, 1935.

As usual, Andrew Johns played a huge part in the game, scoring a personal tally of 30 points via 2 tries and 11 goals from 12 attempts. He directed play all day long and continually troubled the Raiders line-up in hot conditions at Canberra Stadium.

The Raiders showed some steel early, taking the lead in the 4th minute through rookie fullback William Zillman who was deputising for injured captain Clinton Schifcofske. As the Knights got themselves into the game though, the signs weren?t all that encouraging for the home team.

The back-row for Newcastle dominated again along with centre George Carmont and five-eighth Kurt Gidley each bagging two tries. Whilst the Raiders managed to get on the board twice in the first half they were simply swamped by the visitors who raced to a 34-8 halftime lead, rendering the game over.

The second half saw no let up in attack from Newcastle and likewise no starch in defence from either team reared its? head. Canberra made a brief fight-back to get the scoreline to 34-20 in the 46th minute, but normal transmission returned shortly after and the Knights continued their dominance, plundering Canberra?s line time and again before the final bell sounded.

It?s an incredibly strange scoreline and one that suggests both teams need some real work on the tackle bags at training this week. It?s hard to imagine that the Raiders can score 32 points and still manage to get walloped, let alone that 102 points in total can be carded on one afternoon of footy. I hope the stadium officials down in Canberra make sure the scoreboard attendant gets some work on his shoulders in the post-game warm down from the physio?s.

Whilst both sides can obviously score points I wouldn?t consider this a great advertisement for the game. Next week the Knights take on the Bulldogs in what should be a more even display of footy.

And Canberra face the Roosters at Aussie Stadium where both clubs will be looking to hit back after losses this week.

Live commentary:

Canberra Raiders: 32
Tries: Phillip Graham(2), Troy Thompson, Alan Tongue, William Zillman(2)
Goals: Todd Carney 4/4

Newcastle Knights: 70
Tries: George Carmont(2), Kurt Gidley(2), Matthew Gidley, Andrew Johns(2), Todd Lowrie, Anthony Quinn, Steve Simpson, Reegan Tanner, Daniel Tolar
Goals: Andrew Johns 11/12

Canberra Stadium
Referee: Jason Robinson

Terrific conditions for League in the Nation's Capital today. The home team have to be specials, with the ACT celebrating Canberra Day tomorrow.

And we're underway in the first half!

4 min: TRY Canberra Raiders
The Raiders get on the board early through some great work from Zillman. Conversion unsuccessful from Withers.
Raiders 4-0

9 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
The Knights hit back through Carmont to take the lead from the home side. Johns converts.
Knights 6-4

15 min: NEWS Plenty of ball movement and great action here.

20 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
The Knights push further ahead through Johns here as they begin to wear down the Raiders. Johns converts.
Knights 12-4

25 min: TRY Canberra Raiders
Canberra score again to get back into the game via Phil Graham. Conversion unsuccessful from Withers.
Knights 12-8

27 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
The Knights run another one in (Johns again) and they're taking hold of the match in the first half. Johns fails to convert.
Knights 16-8

30 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Another try to the Knights from Carmont. They are looking very menacing here today. Conversion successful from Johns.
Knights 22-8

35 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Rubbing salt into the wounds here in the nation's capital as the Kurt Gidley puts the Raiders to the sword with another try. Conversion successful from Johns.
Knights 28-8

38 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
The visitors cap off a great half with a try close to half time (Kurt Gidley again). Conversion successful from Johns.
Knights 34-8

40 min: NEWS It's not great news here at Canberra Stadium for the Raiders as the Knights are dominating proceedings. We'll need a real turnaround here if Canbera Day is to be celebrated.

41 min: NEWS And we're underway in the second half!

42 min: TRY Canberra Raiders
The Raiders strike back early through Zillman to bring some morale back into the side. Conversion successful from Carney who has taken over the kicking duties.
Knights 34-14

46 min: TRY Canberra Raiders
The Raiders are starting the second stanza on fire as Phil Graham goes in for another meat pie just after the break. Conversion successful from Carney.
Knights 34-20

50 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
The Knights take the upper hand again with another converted try (Quinn). They are looking more in control of the game now after the Raiders briefly held the run of play. Johns converts.
Knights 40-20

55 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Another try, this time to Lowrie, as the Knights begin to completely dominate here. Conversion successful from Johns.
Knights 46-20

60 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
The Knights are running rings around them now with Tanner scoring. Johns converts easily.
Knights 52-20

65 min: TRY Canberra Raiders
Another try to Canberra via Troy Thompson. Conversion successful from Carney.
Knights 52-26

70 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Defence has well and truly gone out the window, with the game resembling a touch footy contest. Matt Gidley is on the board, conversion successful from Johns.
Knights 58-26

73 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Newcastle in again through Daniel Tolar and the try is converted by Johns. A huge score down here.
Knights 64-26

75 min: TRY Canberra Raiders
It's tit-for-tat as Tongue picks up a consolation try for the Raiders. Conversion from Carney successful.
Knights 64-32

79 min: TRY Newcastle Knights
Another try to the Knights (Steve Simpson) in what should be today's last. Conversion successful from Johns.
Knights 70-32

80 min: NEWS What a game. Unbelievable scoreline.
----------------------------------------- players of the match:
3 - Andrew Johns (Knights)
2 - George Carmont (Knights)
1 - William Zillman (Raiders)