Knights Skewer Eels

The Knights have run home 14 point winners against the Eels, winning their round 16 clash 30 ? 16.

In a game that the Knights never looked like losing, Knights key playmaker had the luxury of being in cruise control for most of the match. Johns barely looked out of first gear as he put Knights pair Josh Perry and Matthew Gidley over for four pointers in the first half. He looked even more relaxed as he let Knights young gun Kurt Gidley take over the first receiver and play maker roles in the second half.

As Johns was in cruise mode, brothers Kurt and Matthew Gidley were in blistering form, tearing the Eels defense to shreds almost at will scoring a try a piece in the first half.

Other key Knights players who had great games included wingers Tahu and MacDougall.

In a game that saw Brett Hodgson return to the injury list with more rib damage for the Eels, the only stand out performer was Matthew Peterson, aka Side Show Bob, who bagged himself a double.

Game Details

Sunday 29 June 2003 2:30 PM EnergyAustralia Stadium Referee: Shayne Hayne

Scorers: KNIGHTS Tries: Perry, M Gidley, K Gidley, Hall, Abraham Goals: Johns 5/7 EELS Tries: 2 Peterson, Tsoulos Goals: Witt 2/4 players of the match: 3 ? M Gidley 2 ? T Tahu 1 ? A Johns

By the clock:

0 min: Kick off, A Johns gets us under way.

3rd min: NEWS - With the Knights attacking the Eels line, J Perry gives away a penalty by not playing the ball correctly.

6th min: NEWS - D Buderus cuts the Eels open with a 50 metre run down field, but a poor last tackle option hands the ball back to the Eels, followed by a penalty to take the pressure right off the Eels.

8th min: TRY - J Perry hits a hole close to the Eels line off an A Johns pass and scores an easy try. Conversion successful by A Johns. Knights 6 - 0

10th min: NEWS - The rain has started to bucket down as the Knights knock the ball on in reaching out for a try.

16th min: NEWS - As quickly as the rain came, it left, leaving behind slippery conditions.

21st min: PENALTY GOAL - A Johns kicks a penalty goal. Knights 8 - 0

27th min: NEWS - The Knights are cutting the Eels open at will, and the Eels are lucky to not be trailing by 20 instead of 8.

29th min: TRY - M Peterson scores out wide for the Eels, but looks to have injured himself in scoring. Knights 8 - 4

29th min: NEWS - Hayne has awarded an 8 point try after Knights S Simpson came in very late after Eels winger M Peterson scored. Conversion missed from out wide, but the extra shot from in front is successful from Witt. Knights 8 - 6

35th min: TRY - M Gidley runs off A Johns through a hole, steps the eels fullback and goes in under the posts virtually untouched. Conversion successful. Knights 14 - 6

37th min: NEWS - B Hodgson has stayed down clutching his ribs after bringing back a kick return.

40th min: TRY - K Gidley scores a great team try, from their own line the Knights attack the eels, bust them open and send M Gidley down the sideline. M Gidley kicks inside to his brother who goes in to score a brilliant try. Conversion successful. Knights 20 - 6

Half Time

NEWS - The Knights look very much in control of this game, and the Eels look well out of their league. If the second half carries on like the first, the Eels could have 50 points put on them for the second time this year. The thing that must be worry for the Eels in the second half is, A Johns hasn't really unloaded with all his guns yet and looks very much to be in cruise contraol. If he decides to go to town, it's gonna be a long afternoon for the Eels and their fans.

41st min: NEWS - Second half is under way, can the eels come back.

42nd min: NEWS - Eels fullback B Hodgson has not returned in the second half, not good news for the injury riddled Eels.

43rd min: TRY - The Knights have scored after a tremendous run by T Tahu. C Hall scoring out wide. Conversion successful from wide. Knights 26 - 6

47th min: TRY - M Peterson gets a double scoring off a grubber kick to give the Eels some hope, all be it very little. Conversion missed by Witt. Knights 26 - 10

49th min: NEWS - Eel B Hodgson has suspected rib cartilage damage and will not be back.

52nd min: NEWS - Back to back penalties give the Eels a free ride down field giving them a real chance of getting back into the game.

59th min: TRY - D Abraham scores a simple try out wide, scrappy, but simple to extend the lead. The video ref was consulted but gave it the green light. Conversion missed. Knights 30 - 10

69th min: NEWS - With almost only 10 minutes both teams look as if they are just going through the motions waiting for the game to end. The Eels would have to do one hell of an escape act to pull this one out. and the Knights would have to walk off the field 10 minutes early to lose it.

71st min: TRY - The Eels have scored through Eels rookie forward Tsoulos. Conversion successful. Knights 30 - 16

72nd min: NEWS - O'Davis gets 10 in the bin for a verbal spray at the ref after the try was awarded. Knights will finish the game with 12 men.

80th min: News - After 10 minutes of scrappy football from both sides the full time siren has sounded with the Knights running out 14 point winners.

Full Time