Kogarah Council backs Jubilee return

The Mayor of Kogarah, Cr Jim Taylor, has recommended a maintenance program for Kogarah Jubilee Oval which will give the Dragons an opportunity to return for the 2003 season. Councillor Jim Taylor made the following recommendation at the July 22 Council meeting: "That Council endorse the proposed maintenance program that will ensure that Kogarah Jubilee Oval is maintained to an acceptable standard as a community asset and is in readiness for use by the St.George-Illawarra Dragons in 2003 if they decide to return to Kogarah." The Mayor added, "It's time to bring the Dragons back to Kogarah, it's time that the Kogarah residents and the St.George Community had their football team back playing at their local ground. "Kogarah Jubilee Oval has been the home for the Dragons for the last 50 years, I urge you to support my Mayoral Minute, that will be the first major step in ensuring the Dragons have the option to return home in 2003 and remain at Kogarah for the next 50 years." The Mayoral report indicates that the maintenance program has been "formulated initially on the basis of what essential work would need to be carried out to ensure the Oval was available to be used by St.George-Illawarra in the 2003 season." Kogarah Council closely examined the Consulting Engineers' report of the grandstand and an agreement was reached with the Club on each parties responsibilities for maintenance to be completed in Year 1 of the Maintenance program. The Mayoral report further states: "A fully scheduled maintenance program is to be prepared over the next month for year 2004 to the end of the lease (2011) following a detailed approach of those outstanding items listed in the Consulting Engineers report. The estimated cost of the work for Council totals $73,000 while St.George-Illawarra Dragons will incur estimated costs of $45,000 in the first year."

Cr Taylor advised his fellow Councillors that over the last 5 years Council has received lease income for Kogarah Jubilee Oval of $304,000. During the same period, expenditure on the grandstand was $26,000, while $142,000 was spent on the Oval and surrounding areas.

Prior to the 5 year period, no significant maintenance works were carried out. The Mayor finished his report with the following statement:

"Kogarah Jubilee Oval is a community asset that belongs to our community. We have an obligation to ensure that the asset is maintained to an acceptable standard, and does not pose a public risk to those who use it, now or in the future."