Kogarah Jubilee seating amendment


The St.George Leagues Club and Kogarah Council have applied to amend a Development Application that was approved in February to install permanent tiered seating to the northern and southern ends of Oki Jubilee Stadium.

The amendment includes additional seating above the proposed new toilet and kiosk at the northern end of the ground. The submission period closed on December 1 and Kogarah Council is expected to make a decision on this application in early 2006.

On Monday evening, Kogarah Council is expected to approve another Development Application to demolish the eastern toilet block and to relocate the operation centre adjacent to the existing scoreboard and to construct a new kiosk and garage.

SX Projects, the building company that successfully tendered for the Jubilee refurbishment contract, have published some brief information on their website in relation to the upgrade that includes 4,750 new seats.

Details can be found at: