Kogarah 'well-received' at NRL

Dragons CEO, Peter Doust has a reported being 'well-received' at NRL headquarters this afternoon following a meeting between himself and NRL CEO David Gallop and Chief Operating Officer, Graham Annesley.

The main discussion point was the return of the St George Illawarra Dragons to Kogarah Jubilee Oval. The Dragons are hoping to share matches between their former home at Kogarah and WIN Stadium in Wollongong in 2003.

"They stated they would help us in our endeavours," Doust said.

"But they recognise that there are certain must haves we must have.

"They have agreed to undertake a review of the site over the next few weeks. That's positive."

The Dragons currently play their Sydney games at Aussie Stadium (SFS). There has been a ground swell of support for returning to Kogarah ever since the club was forced to leave there three years ago.

Kogarah Jubilee Oval has been the Dragons home ground since 1950. St George didn't lose a game at Kogarah for an incredible 13 seasons between 1954 - 1966. Many supporters feel it in the best interest of the district, the club and the team that the Dragons play 50% of their home games at Kogarah and 50% at WIN Stadium.

It appears now that this wish may become a reality in 2003.