Kurt Rudder

For the past two weeks Featherstone Rovers RLFC have been in negotiation with Mr Rudder, an Australian passport holder, with a view to him playing at the club this season. These negotiations had reached an advanced stage. However due to recent information received regarding work permits and the quota system we are no longer in a position to offer Mr Rudder a contract.

This has caused severe difficulties to both the club and our potential player. Under all the circumstances, and taking note of the time required to potentially overcome matters, the club have reluctantly decided not to go any further with the offer. One of the complicating factors in this episode was the nationality status of Featherstone prop Bryan Henare. Bryan is a full New Zealand passport holder, unlike many of his countrymen who hold a passport from one of the South Sea Islands. This means that Bryan will and always will, count as a quota import player. The old system of a player living in this country for five years coming off the quota has been scrapped and can never now apply.

Featherstone Rovers wish it to be known that coach Gary Price will still be looking to augment his squad with quality players that can add value to his team whilst accepting the strict budgetary limits operating at the club.

The club will not enter into any further discussion on this issue or the circumstances surrounding Mr Rudder.

Steve Lingard Football Manager