Lance Hohaia set to sign

Warriors sensation Lance Hohaia is set to ensure his future at the club with an enticing new contract. The Huntly teenager who starred in the New Zealand Warriors stunning victory in Newcastle last Friday should soon sign a new multi-year deal with the Auckland-based franchise.

The Warriors have an option on Hohaia already for next season which coach Daniel Anderson said would protect the club from prospective raiders from across the Tasman who continue to be impressed by the National Rugby League rookie.

But Hohaia is set to negotiate a deal with Warriors chief executive Mick Watson that will establish his new standing as one of the club's most treasured possessions.

Anderson said Hohaia had always been looked upon as a promising talent.

"It's just the rapid development that's probably taken people by surprise," Anderson said. "We had high hopes for him but didn't expect him to develop so quickly."

Injuries to skippers Monty Betham and Stacey Jones meant Hohaia has been asked to fill a pivotal role in the Warriors' push for the playoffs as a playmaker at either halfback or standoff.

The 19-year-old Junior Kiwi has revelled in the added responsibility, culminating in his match-winning performance in the Warriors' 34-12 win over the Newcastle Knights in round 10.

Anderson said Hohaia was "very confident in his own ability" and had plenty of pluses to his game.

"He's got a good step, a nice fend, passes well and is a good runner.

"We'll work on his defence, his tactical kicking, which is quite weak but improving nicely, and his decisions on passing the football."