Lebanon down Fiji to win Orara
final - all results

Lebanon have won the Orara Sevens tournament in Coffs Harbour after defeating Fiji Bati 24-22 in the final. The Cedars led 16-8 at halftime.

The Malta Knights finished third after the Auburn Warriors forfeited due to injuries. Malta's Ben Sammut was awarded player of the tournament.

Meanwhile, the Orara Valley Axeman defeated Narwan Eels 28-24 in the country final.

Full list of results

The 2006 Orara Valley Axemen Sevens Tournament

Results Day 1 - Qualifying Group
Team v Team Score
A Malta v Gold Coast Titans 28-22
A Crescent Head v Aust Maoris 10-0
A Gold Coast Titans v Aust Maoris 24-8
A Malta v Crescent Head 30-16
A Malta v Aust Maoris 26-8
A Gold Coast v Crescent Head 38-0
B Hoey Moey v Fiji Bati 20-8
B Renown v Sawtell 26-12
B Renown v Hoey Moey 20-16
B Fiji Bati v Sawtell 34-14
B Fiji Bati v Renown 46-0
B Hoey Moey v Sawtell 22-8
C Birrigan Gargle v Cook Island 20-12
C South Sydney v Woolgoolga 20-4
C South Sydney v Birrigan Gargle 28-0
C Woolgoolga v Cook Island 18-10
C South Sydney v Cook Island 22-14
C Woolgoolga v Birrigan Gargle 22-14
D Lebanon v Fiji A 18-4
D Guyra v Leichhardt Wanderers 20-12
D Fiji A v Guyra 36-26
D Lebanon v Leichhardt Wanderers 44-14
D Lebanon v Guyra 32-16
D Fiji A v Leichhardt Wanderers 24-20
E Auburn Warriors v Sydney Bulls 30-14
E Hunter Magpies v Nambucca Heads 22-8
E Hunter Magpies v Auburn Warriors 28-8
E Sydney Bulls v Nambucca Heads 34-16
E Sydney Bulls v Hunter Magpies 28-8
E Auburn Warriors v Nambucca Heads 38-8
F Moore Park v Sydney Metro 24-22
F Coffs Hotel v Comets 24-22
F Moore Park v Comets 32-16
F Sydney Metro v Coffs Hotel 18-16
F Sydney Metro v Comets 50-8
F Moore Park v Coffs Hotel 36-14
G Camperdown v Orara Gold 6-6
G Axemen v USA 24-4
G Camperdown v USA 22-14
G Axemen v Orara Gold 14-4
G USA v Orara Gold 24-24
G Axemen v Camperdown 22-22
H North Ryde Hawks v Japan 32-0
H Narwan Eels v Armidale 32-4
H Narwan Eels v North Ryde Hawks 14-0
H Armidale v Japan 16-14
H Narwan Eels v Japan 30-6
H North Ryde Hawks v Armidale 30-22
I NZ Maoris v Gimbisi
I Tigers v Byron Bay 24-14
I Gimbisi v Byron Bay 16-10
I NZ Maoris v Tigers 26-12
I NZ Maoris v Byron Bay 48-10
I Tigers v Gimbisi 38-16

Results Day 2 - Finals Game
Team v Team Score
Round 1 Malta v Sydney Bulls 34-26
Round 1 Narwan v Hoey Moey 30-20
Round 1 Lebanon v Tigers 16-0
Round 1 Moore Park v Axemen 28-22
Round 1 Fiji Bati v North Ryde 28-8
Round 1 Gold Coast Titans v NZ Maoris 14-8
Round 1 Auburn v Camperdown 30-4
Round 1 Sydney Metro v South Sydney 32-22
Quarter Final Malta v Narwan 30-8
Quarter Final Lebanon v Moore Park 28-22
Quarter Final Fiji Bati v Gold Coast 30-20
Quarter Final Auburn v Sydney Metro 24-22
Semi Final Lebanon v Malta 32-26
Semi Final Fiji Bati v Auburn 26-18
3rd v 4th Malta v Auburn Forfeit
Grand Final Lebanon v Fiji Bati 24-22

Best Player Award - Qualifying
Name Team Votes
Matt Austin Gold Coast Titans 6
Mejid Hussein Auburn 6
Wes Patten Moore Park 6
John Nash Coffs Hotel 6
Craig Trindle Sydney Metro 6

Best Player Award - Finals
Name Team Votes
Daniel Spiteri Malta 6
Jason Stanton Lebanon 5
Mejid Hussein Auburn 4
Mohamed Chanal Lebanon 4

Most Points for the Weekend
Name Team Points
Jarrod Sammut Malta 38
Walter Imo Auburn 36
Shannon Walker Gold Coast Titans 44
Anthony Aviery Moore Park 44

Best Team Awards
Award Winner
Best National Team Auburn
Best International Team Lebanon
Best Country Team Orara Valley Axemen

Many thanks to Hans Van Der Donk from the Orara Valley Axemen. Website: www.oraravalleyaxemen.com
And the Coffs Harbour City Council. Website: www.coffsharbour.nsw.gov.au