Lee Hookey returns to Real
Insurance Rabbitohs

The Real Insurance Rabbitohs has announced today that Lee Hookey has rejoined the Club after a short period of retirement this year.

Hookey, a South Sydney junior, has reconsidered his position and realises how important Rugby League is to him and his family.

?Lee sat down with Shaun McRae and myself and we talked about his football career and what he wants to achieve,? CEO Shane Richardson said today.

?Lee realises that Rugby League is his best avenue to provide for his family?s future and he wants to give the game another go with the Rabbitohs.?

Hookey is happy to be returning to the fold with the Real Insurance Rabbitohs.

?I took some time off to work out what I wanted to do and I know now that I want to be playing football again,? Hookey explained.

?I?m back in training now and I?m enjoying being part of the team again, for me and my family.?