Light Fantastic: Kogarah Council
approves Jubilee floodlights

The Development Application to install upgraded floodlighting at Oki Jubilee Stadium was unanimously approved by Kogarah Council tonight, providing Saints fans with a luminous St.Valentine?s Day present.

The decision to approve the lighting is a defining moment in the history of Kogarah and will give the ground the facilities it so richly deserves. Kogarah Council?s consent secures the long-term future of Oki Jubilee Stadium as a leading sporting venue and guarantees the future of elite rugby league in the St.George District after it was severely threatened during the Super League War and its aftermath.

The new lighting is appropriate for the venue because it reduces light spill and glare, effectively balancing the needs of the community with the needs of Oki Jubilee Stadium by redirecting wasted light spill onto the playing surface and away from neighbouring properties.

R2K commends Kogarah Council?s Director of Development Steve Clements and General Manager Gary Sawyer for the professionalism involved throughout the Development Application process. Special mention should also be made of Mayor Michael Platt, Deputy Mayor Nickolas Varvaris, Councillor Adam Mazzaferro and St.George DRLFC?s Robert Stone for their work on the Jubilee Oval steering committee.

R2K would like to thank the 1,300+ supporters who signed the lighting petition, as it was irrefutable evidence that the proposal had broad community support.

While not officially confirmed, it is understood that the lighting will be installed by 6 May, thus ensuring that the venue could host a night match in round 10 against Penrith if the NRL schedules the match for a Friday or Saturday night.

In addition to the lighting, Kogarah Council also unanimously approved the Development Application for the installation of permanent tiered seating to the northern and southern ends of Oki Jubilee Stadium and the replacement of the existing bench seating.