London Broncos confirm Dubai warm
weather training camp

London Broncos have today confirmed that the playing squad for 2004 will assemble in Dubai in late November for a two-month warm weather training camp.

Members of next season's squad will be undergoing their own personal training programs before heading to Dubai, however, November 25 will mark the first day of the pre-season camp.

London Broncos have trained on Sydney's Central Coast ahead of the two previous seasons and will now benefit from those experiences a little closer to home.

Coach Tony Rea said: "Last year we put a number of structures in place which made for a successful camp and as a club we're pretty experienced now in this area."

I think it's a vital part of our preparation and I know that we will benefit tremendously from doing this. Our players know what to expect and we have already set benchmark goals across a range of performance areas."

It gives our group, and particularly our younger players, a chance to grow through the experience of intense full time training."

So why not head back to Sydney?

According to CEO Nic Cartwright, there are a number of factors that made Dubai the preferred choice this time around: "Our time together in Australia was great but here's a chance to do something a little different that makes a lot of sense."

We're very fortunate to have friends at Dubai Exiles RFC and they are assisting us in a number of areas."

The training conditions are ideal and the facilities are very good. Our friends at the Exiles are very keen to have us over there and it should be a great experience for our players and our club."