London Broncos launch rugby league

London Broncos have today launched a Rugby League Helpline preceding the 'month of madness' that is soon to hit Griffin Park.

Due to pitch re-seeding at Griffin Park, London has not played at their Brentford base for six weeks and will not return until the home game against Hull FC on Saturday 5th July.

The scheduled round 15 home game to Huddersfield has been postponed to Tuesday 22nd July, the round seven game to Bradford (postponed due to the Challenge Cup) will now be played on Wednesday 30th July, and Sky Sports have shifted the round 19 game against Wigan to Friday 18th July.

What this now means, and the reason behind the new Rugby Helpline, is that London Broncos will play five home games at Griffin Park in the space of 30 days.

And it's quite likely given quantity and quality of the upcoming rush of fixtures (Hull, Wigan, Huddersfield, Bradford & St Helens), rugby league fans in London may not be able to take any more! If a fan does have trouble coping with this overdose of rugby league, it's nice to know that 'help' is only a phone call away.

The RL Helpline has specially trained 'consultants' who will 'prescribe' the right advice to get fans through this upcoming month of madness. This advice will enable fans to make the very most of this plethora of rugby league.

Chief Adviser at the new RL Helpline, and CEO at the Broncos, Nic Cartwright had this to say: "It's going to be a crazy month and some may find it hard to cope. It's not ideal (the fixture overdose) but it's an exciting time for us all.

"We didn't choose for it to happen this way and if it's any consolation to our fans, it's making life for us pretty difficult as well. We're all going to pull together and get through this as best we can. Some fans may also find it hard to understand that, despite not having won a game at Griffin Park at the half way mark, we are still in the top-six, with a game in hand!"

The Broncos have still to play nine home games at Griffin Park. Season Ticket Holders, who have watched from afar in recent weeks while their team has continued its four game winning streak on the road, are sure to enjoy the 'month of madness'.

Other fans need not miss out, and 'Dr Cartwright' is prescribing the new Club Flexi Pack to help rugby league patients enjoy the 'recommended Super League dose'.

The Club Flexi-Pack contains ten premium adult tickets, which can be used in any combination at any of the home games over the remainder of the season. The RL Helpline will also give those who take a Club Flexi-Pack a FREE Gold Membership (value ?30)!

Plus, anyone who calls the RL Helpline before the Hull FC game on Saturday 5th July can enter the 'Can't Take Any More Draw', which includes two tickets to the Wigan game, dinner for two at the exclusive Benihana restaurant, and two flights on the London Eye! Enter the draw now, 'help' is just a phone call away - 0871 222 1657

Here's the revised schedule. Can you take any more this summer?

* Hull FC: 6pm Saturday 5th July * Wigan: 8pm Friday 18th July * Giants: 8pm Tuesday 22nd July * Bulls: 8pm Wednesday 30th July * St Helens: 3pm Sunday 3rd August