Luke Burt celebrates 200th game in style

Parramatta have completed a remarkable second half comeback to stun the Eagles and defeat them 24-20 today to celebrate Luke Burt's 200th game in style .

Manly started off the game strongly with the debutant Trent Hodkinson darting through a gap after a nice Steve Matai pass to get the visitors on the board. Parramatta were a rabble in the first stanza with errors and penalties tiring out their forwards and giving Manly opportunites for their second try through Tony Williams who strolled over without being touched. Jamie Lyon just poured on the pain for Parramatta when he completed a set play to make the score 14-0 going into halftime.

Daniel Anderson would have given his troops quite the spray at halftime after that horrid display but it didn't seem to sink in strong enough with Manly extending the lead to twenty after Matt Cross plucked a Trent Hodkinson kick after the rebound to score. Fui's re-entry into the game, finally gave Parramatta a spark which to start their comeback and he emphasised that when he scored in the 53rd minute off back to back penalties.

The train of momentum kept building for Parramatta and starting creeping up on Manly when Jarryd Hayne took a Luke Burt pass from the in-goal, stepping his way up field and offloading to Timana Tahu who scored his first try back in Rugby League, with Burt slotting the extras to shorten the advantage to eight. Hayne again had an integral part in the next try after his chip kick was kept alive by Keating who gave the ball to Joel Reddy to start breathing down Manly's necks with 5 minutes to go.

Who else but Jarryd Hayne would help to finally complete the comeback after the Eels marched downfield again. He threw a beautiful pass to Eric Grothe who touched down in the corner to give the Eels the lead for the first time. Luke Burt put the cherry on top by having a perfect day with the boot in his milestone game and the Eels finished 24-20 winners. Manly will need to have a hard look at their fitness after twice in two weeks they have been run down from behind and have lost.

Match Details Parramatta Eels 24 defeated Manly Sea Eagles 20 National Rugby League - NRL - Round 2 - Sunday March 21, 2010 2:00pm Venue: Parramatta Stadium Referee: Shayne Hayne and Brett Suttor Video Referee: Tim Mander Touch Judges: Jeff Younis and Gavin Reynolds Crowd: 15,602 Halftime: Parramatta Eels Manly Sea Eagles 14 Manly Sea Eagles Parramatta Eels 0 players of the match:

3 Points - Jarryd Hayne

2 Points - Fuifui Moimoi (1 Try)

1 Point - Trent Hodkinson (1 Try)

Parramatta Eels (24)
Tries: Eric Grothe, Fuifui Moimoi, Timana Tahu, Joel Reddy
Conversions: Luke Burt (4/4)

Manly Sea Eagles (20)
Tries: Jamie Lyon, Tony Williams, Matt Cross, Trent Hodkinson
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (2/4) Live Commentary Welcome to a sunshine bathed Parramatta Stadium for today's match between Parramatta and Manly which is Luke Burt's 200th game. Earlier in the u20 Manly outscored the Eels 32-16.
Parramatta have no changes to their lineup but there are some wholesale changes for Manly, Chris Bailey is injured, so Jamie Lyons goes out to centre and young Trent Hodkinson will make his debut for Manly and Joe Galuvao slots onto the bench.
1 min: Luke Burt leads out the Parramatta Eels in his 200th game and Tony Williams will get us underway for todays game.
2 min: First penalty to the away side, Manly after the Parramatta side went too early, giving Manly an early opportunity.
4 min: TRY
What a debut for the kid! Steve Matai drifts across field and passes it to Hodkinson who strolls through a gap for the try. Conversion attempt by Jamie Lyon is unsuccessful.
Manly Sea Eagles 4-0
6 min: Parramatta get their first penalty now through Eric Grothe after Manly players didn't get off the player quick enough.
7 min: Tony Williams makes a great tackle on Tahu to dislodge the ball but he's deemed to have touched the ball. Scrum to Parramatta.
8 min: Parramatta have moved the ball from end to end but waste possession after Jarryd Hayne throws a pass into the 2nd row.
9 min: Manly get a leg-up from their own end after Jarryd Hayne is penalised.
12 min: Manly get caught on the last and eventually Ben Farrar gets a kick away and Parramatta have knocked it on. Scrum to Manly.
14 min: Manly attack to the left and kick the ball but Hindmarsh dives on it and saves the day.
14 min: Daniel Mortimer tries for a 40/20 from deep in his own half and kicks it out on the full. Manly with a great attacking opportunity here.
15 min: Justin Poore hits Josh Peryy with a swinging arm and conceeds a penalty. Anthony Watmough runs i to help as does Hayne. Poore is on report.
17 min: Jeff Robson tries to intercept a pass to Ben Farrar but knocks it on, giving Manly another opportunity to extend their lead.
19 min: TRY
Manly from the scrum put on a deep backline movement and throw it wide to Tony Williams who strolls over untouched. Conversion attempt by Jamie Lyon successful.
Manly Sea Eagles 10-0
22 min: Manly making some good ground every set, with just simple tactics. Fui Fui has entered the game.
23 min: Parramatta just pile on more pressure with Mortimer making the Eel's fifth error for the game, bringing Manly back into their territory.
23 min: Silly leg pull by Joel Reddy there and Parramatta conceed another penalty.
24 min: Anthony Watmough steams onto a ball but loses it in a good tackle. Parramatta survive another Manly attacking raid.
26 min: Jarryd Hayne adds to Parramatta's woes by kicking it out on the full. Manly on the attack and get six again after it touches a Parramatta player.
27 min: Manly just piling up the sets after another six again call and Ballin dives over but is held up.
29 min: TRY
Manly had to score eventually, they kept the ball alive and Jamie Lyon goes through another huge gap and scores. Conversion attempt by Jamie Lyon unsuccessful
Manly Sea Eagles 14-0
31 min: Fui drops the ball right on the halfway line to just add to Parramatta's large tackle count.
32 min: Manly squander a chance after they try to put Watmough through another hole but he drops the ball.
33 min: Manly decide to run the ball on the last but Foran runs out of people to pass it to and is caught with the ball and it's a changeover to Parramatta.
33 min: Manly decide to run the ball on the last but Foran runs out of people to pass it to and is caught with the ball and it's a changeover to Parramatta.
36 min: A hairy moment there for Parramatta when Grothe is hammered running the ball and almost loses it but Parramatta recieve a six again when a Hindmarsh pass is touched by a Manly player.
37 min: Parramatta get their first attacking opportunity when a Manly player touches the ball from an offside position and it's compounded with another penalty closer to the line.
39 min: Fui Fui runs onto the ball and is almost over but is grassed just short of the line and tries to promote the ball but doesn't fool Shane Hayne who blows the penalty.
40 min: HALFTIME - Parramatta try a kick to the wings from their own end to Burt but it bounces fortunately for Tony Williams who throws it to Jamie Lyon, who falls to the ground and takes us to halftime.
41 min: Both teams are back onto the field and Jarryd Hayne gets us back underway in the second half.
41 min: Parramatta conceed the first penalty of the second half with a high tackle on Ben Farrar and Manly will have the first opportunity for points.
43 min: TRY
Hodkinson goes to the line and puts in a kick which rebounds off Mannah and Matt Cross plucks it from the air and scores under the posts. Conversion attempt by Jamie Lyon successful.
Manly Sea Eagles 20-0
45 min: Hodkinson pins the Parramatta side into the corner of the in-goal but Eric Grothe dives out of the in-goal to prevent more pressure on his team.
47 min: Hodkinson keeps himself in the action making a good tackle which forces the ball free and allows Manly to add more pressure onto a weary Parramatta side.
48 min: A reprieve for Parramatta off a forward pass to Anthony Watmough but shoot themselves in the foot when Nathan Hindmarsh drops the ball cold.
50 min: Simple mis-communication from Matt Cross not expecting the pass and drops it cold to give Parramatta some respite.
51 min: Parramatta finaly get some momentum after a penalty which takes them into Manly's area for the first time in the second half.
52 min: Back to back penalties for Parramatta when Anthony Watmough is caught offside.
52 min: Going upstairs for Parramatta's first try of the afternoon.
53 min: TRY
Consectutive penalties and a charge from Fui Fui Moi Moi drives the ball onto the tryline for Parramatta's first try. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful.
Manly Sea Eagles 20-6
54 min: Parramatta are mounting momentum with another penalty to get out of their own area and Jarryd Hayne takes the quick tap and catches Manly's players napping to gain another 20 metres.
56 min: A third consectutive penalty conceeded by Manly is mounting the pressure on the Sea Eagles
57 min: Parramatta get their third set at the Manly line when Steve Matai touches the ball and knocks it down.
59 min: Manly are shooting themselves in the foot here with a fourth straight penalty for taking Mortimer out without the ball.
60 min: Manly defuse Parramatta finally after four sets back to back by wrapping up the ball.
63 min: TRY
Jarryd Hayne takes the ball from his own in-goal and beats nearly the whole Manly team and is chased down by Josh Perry but offloads to Timana Tahu who outsprints the Manly defence and scores to get Parramatta back into the game. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful.
Manly Sea Eagles 20-12
67 min: Feleti Mateo tries a silly offload which hits the ground and is swooped upon by Manly who storm into Eels territory but waste the set kicking it dead, with Robertson trying a bat back.
69 min: There are a lot of tired players out there which will open the game up for the quicker players in this last ten minutes.
74 min: TRY
Jarryd Hayne tries the chip kick and it bounces for Parramatta who keep the ball alive through Keating who throws it to Joel Reddy who strolls over to score an important try. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful.
Manly Sea Eagles 20-18
75 min: A huge bomb here which Hayne and Farrar contest and it bounced off Farrar's shoulder but both men are down and the referee has stopped the play, so they can get some attention.
76 min: Parramatta get the scrum feed after both players have made it back to their feet and will get a chance to steal this game from Manly.
78 min: TRY
Parramatta have completed their comeback with a beautiful pass from Hayne out to Grothe who scores the corner to give Parramatta the lead. Luke Burt makes the advantage four with the conversion.
Parramatta Eels 24-20
79 min: Manly try the short restart but it's batted back by Ben Smith and of course Jarryd Hayne is there to jump on the ball.
80 min: FULLTIME - Manly have a final chance with thirty seconds to go, keeping the ball alive and kicking the ball but finally get wrapped up with the ball and Parramatta get their first win for the season.

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