Manly celebrate as Warriors blow another lead

The Manly Sea Eagles have shocked the Warriors 24-22 at Patersons Stadium in Subiaco, Western Australia tonight. The crowd of 20,095 fans were treated to a miraculous comeback from Manly who were down for the majority of the match, while the Warriors blew an 18 point lead for the second week in a row.

The first try came to the Warriors in the seventh minute through Kevin Locke who finished off an amazing set piece. Shaun Johnson passed a brilliant face ball to Feletei Mateo, who simply flicked the ball inside to Kevin Locke who beat the fullback to ground the ball.

Shaun Johnson took the ball in the 16th minute and managed to step his way straight through a defensive gap, as he sprinted 10 metres to score right next to the posts. The Manly Sea Eagles then went down by 12 points as James Maloney converted his second goal of the night.

An amazing try was scored by the Warriors in the 30th minute, which also stamped their control of the game. Shaun Johnson, who spun around in a full circle, kicked across field to Manu Vatuvei who batted the ball back down to Lewis Brown as he crossed to put the Warriors in a great position. James Maloney then converted from the sideline as the scoreboard read 18-0.

James Maloney was put on report for a high tackle on Dean Whare in the 35th minute and Anthony Watmough could be in trouble with the match review committee after a Chicken Wing tackle in the 38th minute of the contest.

The half ended with a try to Manly literally as the siren sounded, with a Keiran Foran kick into the open space ending up in the arms of Jorge Taufua who beat all the Warriors defenders to the line. Jamie Lyon made sure the buffer was only 12 points as the attendants in the ground headed for the bathrooms.

The second half saw it open with a try to the Warriors in the 43rd after Manu Vatuvei received a brilliant pass from his inside man to scoot down the sideline. He was untouched as he crashed over with James Maloney unable to convert the extras from out wide.

Manly were able to hold on after an assault of three sets on their line, as they eventually worked their way back into the game in the 54th minute with a great try. The shift out wide was fast and swift and the Warriors were unable to stop the attackers. Jamie Lyon missed the conversion.

Steve Matai took a great pass from a quick shift as he cut open the Warriors defence in the 68th minute, before he offloaded to Kieran Foran who scored in the corner. Jamie Lyon missed the conversion and the 8 point gap remained for the away side.

The come back was on as Daly Cherry-Evans scored in the corner in the 71st minute after a brilliant solo effort. He pushed away from defenders to score but Lyon missed again and the four point buffer remained with just 8 on the clock.

The 77th minute was full of magic as Kieran Foran chipped the ball to Jorge Taufua who caught the ball under pressure, as he offloaded to Daly Cherry-Evans who sprinted almost 40 metres to level the game up. Jamie Lyon finally got it right and all of a sudden, they lead by 2 points with just minutes to go.

The full time siren sounded and the Warriors crashed to another loss, while Manly will look for a surge towards September. It will not be easy as they travel to far North Queensland to take on the Cowboys while the Warriors will host the battling Sharks.

Match Details
Manly Sea Eagles 24 defeated New Zealand Warriors 22
National Rugby League - Round 21 - Saturday July 28, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: Patersons Stadium, Subiaco WA
Referee: Jared Maxwell and Alan Shortall
Video Referee: Pat Reynolds
Touch Judges: Luke Potter and Henry Perenara
Crowd: 20,095
Halftime: Manly Sea Eagles 6 New Zealand Warriors 18 players of the match:
3 Points - Daly Cherry-Evans (2 Tries)
2 Points - Kieran Foran (1 Try)
1 Point - Shaun Johnson (1 Try)

Tries: David Williams, Kieran Foran, Daly Cherry-Evans (2), Jorge Taufua
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (2/5)

Tries: Manu Vatuvei, Lewis Brown, Kevin Locke, Shaun Johnson
Conversions: James Maloney (3/4) Live Commentary Welcome to the grand final replay and both teams will remain 1-17!
1 min: Warriors working it out of their own half
1 min: Maloney puts a bomb up but the defence and attack are confused as it bounces over the sideline after coming off Hurrell's back.
5 min: Warriors will get a penalty after Locke is taken high by Matai just metres from the Warriors line.
6 min: Warriors have the tap on their 40
6 min: Warriors are into the Manly half.
6 min: Taufua makes a mess of it and the Warriors will have a new set 10 metres from the line
7 min: Video ref: Locke may have scored.
9 min: TRY
Try! Shaun Johnson passed a brilliant face ball to Feletei Mateo who simply flicked the ball inside to Kevin Locke who beat the fullback to ground the ball
New Zealand Warriors 6-0
9 min: Warriors forwards working hard to get them out of danger off the kick off.
10 min: Maloney clears the ball. Manly are stopped 15 out from their line.
10 min: Penalty Manly!
10 min: Manly will tap it from half way.
11 min: Foran kicks across and the Warriors mess this one up. New set Manly 10 out.
13 min: Cherry-Evans kicks across field and Vatuvei catches the ball in goal and earns a 20 tap.
13 min: Warriors into Manly half
14 min: Konrad Hurrell being helped from the field.
14 min: Many play the ball, first tackle, 5 metres from the Manly line.
14 min: Cherry-Evans clears the ball and Tupou takes it on the full and is tackled on the 20
15 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Warriors. Inside 10. Manly 1-2 NZ
15 min: Jason King is leaving the field with injury concerns.
15 min: Tap Warriors on the manly 30
18 min: TRY
Shaun Johnson cuts through the defence with a brilliant solo effort.
New Zealand Warriors 12-0
18 min: Johnson clears the ball and Taufua brings it back to the 15 metre line.
20 min: Cherry-Evans puts a mid field bomb up that floated down to Vatuvei who caught the ball and went into touch. scrum Manly.
20 min: A bad pass goes to ground 10 metres out.
21 min: Warriors working it out of their half now.
21 min: Maloney puts a bomb up but the Manly wingers defuse it and get it to their 20
22 min: Cherry-Evans clears it looking for a 40/20 but Locke defuses.
23 min: Warriors into Manly half
23 min: Vatuvei puts it into touch again after a poor pass from lewis Brown.
24 min: Manly put the ball down and the Warriors will have the ball inside the Manly half
25 min: Maloney kicks across and Williams takes it, 20 tap
26 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Manly. Offside. Manly 2-2 NZ
26 min: Manly inside the Warriors half
27 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Manly. High tackle. Manly 3-2 NZ
28 min: Warriors come up with the ball with confusion on field.
29 min: Maloney clears, finds ground and Whare brings it back 10 metres before being met by Warriors defence.
29 min: Manly drop it and the Warriors have the ball inside the Manly 40
33 min: TRY
Johnson did a full circle, kicked across field, the bat back from Manu back to Brown and he scores.
New Zealand Warriors 18-0
33 min: A short restart from the Sea Eagles fails as Manly knock it on. Scrum Warriors 40 from their line.
34 min: A bad last tackle option has the Sea Eagles playing the ball on the 10 metre line.
36 min: Maloney clears it
36 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Manly. High tackle. Manly 4-2 NZ
37 min: Manly enter the Warriors half
37 min: Manloney has been placed on report for the previous high tackle
38 min: Locke shuts down a grubber from Manly and makes it back to the 10.
38 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Warriors. Chicken Wing tackle. Manly 4-3 NZ
40 min: TRY
A last ditch effort has Taufua scoring on the siren and Jamie Lyon converts to bring the gap back to 12 at the break.
New Zealand Warriors 18-6
40 min: The game is back underway and the Warriors have first use.
40 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Warriors. Ball stripped. Manly 4-4 NZ
41 min: Warriors 10 metres from the line
41 min: A Warriors offload goes to ground and Matai has the ball for Manly
42 min: Manly put it down and the Warriors have the ball 20 metre from their line
45 min: TRY
Manu scores his 99th try in the corner.
New Zealand Warriors 22-6
46 min: Johnson puts a massive bomb up on the last and David Williams drops it, just 10 metres from his line.
48 min: After a full set of six, the Warriors will have a scrum 10 metres out after Manly played at the ball before it went into touch.
49 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Warriors. Held down in tackle. Manly 4-5 NZ
49 min: Manly survive and have the ball and are now working it out from their half
50 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Manly. Inside the ten. Manly 5-5 NZ
51 min: Warriors into Manly half
51 min: Williams takes the catch and Matulino smashes him to the ground.
52 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Manly. Kicker taken out after kick. Manly 6-5 Warriors.
53 min: Manly inside the Warrior 10
53 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Manly. Player infringed at play the ball. Manly 7-5 NZ
56 min: TRY
A quick shift has D Williams in the corner.
New Zealand Warriors 22-10
56 min: Forward pass off the back of the try. Warriors scrum 30 metre line.
58 min: Taufua defuses a grubber and has the ball. Manly working it out from their own line.
61 min: Crowd right behind the Warriors now as Manly are trying to work it out from their half.
62 min: Lyon tries a solo kick but the ball beats him and all the Warriors defenders. Scrum NZ
63 min: A good attacking raid for Manly is snubbed after a spilled ball. Scrum Warriors at half way.
64 min: Hurrell loses it and gets up limping.
64 min: Manly into the Warriors half.
69 min: TRY
Some brilliance from Matai, try to Foran.
New Zealand Warriors 22-14
69 min: Warriors are working out of their own half from a kick off the last tackle from Manly
69 min: Warriors into Manly half
72 min: TRY
come back is on
New Zealand Warriors 22-18
73 min: Jamie Buhrer is down and injured on the last at the Warriors 40 metre line.
73 min: The Warriors defuse a high bomb from Daly Cherry-Evans and now are working it from their ten.
74 min: Maloney kicks down and Williams brings it back to the 35
75 min: an exciting attacking raid is called back with a forward pass. Warriors scrum on their 40 metre line.
75 min: Warriors into Manly half.
76 min: Locke ends up with the ball after a kick just metres from the line, he flicked it to Johnson who knocked it on.
79 min: TRY
Manly have the lead and the Warriors are under pressure
Manly Sea Eagles 24-22
79 min: Knock on Manly and the Warriors are attacking in the Manly half
80 min: manly will win the game by just two points and the Warriors will blow another lead as the ball is dead .

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