Manly consolidate fourth spot; Titans farewell soured

A late comeback from the Titans was not enough to grab the victory, as the Manly Sea Eagles claimed fourth spot on the ladder in front of 14,927 fans at Skilled Park tonight.

The Titans got the jump on Manly early in the match, with a sensational try in the sixth minute. After some classy attacking from the Gold Coast side, Aidan Sezer took a great ball, stepped two defenders and chipped the ball across field. Known winger, Kevin Gordon sprinted his way to the corner, putting the ball down for the first try.

The lead was short lived however, with Manly producing some of their magic. Keiran Foran got the ball on a last tackle option and placed a near perfect banana kick to Brett Stewart who beat everyone to the line. The man who just inked a new contract, continued his try scoring run notching up 500 points and Lyon converted to put them up by 2 points in the 20th minute.

They were not done with the Manly Magic, after having scored a converted try in the 28th minute through Matt Ballin, as Foran scored his first try. As the siren sounded in the background, the Manly attackers scrambled to get a try, putting the ball through hands in a panic, before finding Lyon in space outside. He decided not to use his winger as he put a great kick back on the inside. Foran raced to the line, beating everyone and Lyon made sure the Sea Eagles were leading 18-4 over the Titans at half time.

The Titans had a horrible start to the second half with William Zillman letting a kick go past him into touch. From there, the Manly Sea Eagles showed their class and put it through the hands, with Foran allowed to move and continue the trend of passing as Jorge Taufua scored in the corner untouched. Lyon converted from the sideline and the Titans went behind 24-4 after 45 minutes.

The Titans had all but scored a try but when a flick back on the inside for Bird was corrupted because Lyon pulled Bird down without the ball; Beau Falloon made sure they scored the try after he burrowed over in the 57th minute. It was his first starting line up role after being injured in the trials and Prince made sure they were not out of it with 2 more points.

The Titans got a sniff in the 72nd minute with a great offload from an attacker set up Kevin Gordon in the corner. Prince managed to convert and the Manly Sea Eagle second half slumbers continued as the Titans cut into their lead; 24-16.

Jorge Taufua and Jamal Idris were involved in a little battle, after Taufua knocked out Idris through a head clash, Jamal hit him in two shoulder charges throughout the half. But even that was not enough to stir the Titans to a win as the Sea Eagles fought off their late comeback.

The Titans will now celebrate mad Monday, while the Sea Eagles will prepare to play the Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium or Melbourne at AAMI Park next weekend. (Match up depends on results)

Match Details
Gold Coast Titans 16 were defeated by Manly Sea Eagles 24
National Rugby League - Round 26 - Saturday September 1, 2012 5:30pm
Venue: Skilled Park
Referee: Gerard Sutton and Phil Haines
Video Referee: Russell Smith
Touch Judges: Dave Abood and Brenden Wood
Crowd: 14,927
Halftime: Gold Coast Titans 4 Manly Sea Eagles 18 players of the match:
3 Points - Kieran Foran (1 Try)
2 Points - Brett Stewart (1 Try)
1 Point - Aidan Sezer

Tries: Beau Falloon, Kevin Gordon (2)
Conversions: Scott Prince (2/3)

Tries: Matt Ballin, Brett Stewart, Kieran Foran, Jorge Taufua
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (4/4) Live Commentary We have a few changes for this match! TEAM CHANGES: Sea Eagles: George Rose is off the bench, with Vic Mauro coming into the side. Titans: Ryan James drops off the bench, with Dominique Peyroux coming into the side.
1 min: We are under way on the gold coast!
3 min: Titans are right on the Manly line!
4 min: Gold Coast will get a new set on the line from a fumble by the Manly defence.
6 min: TRY
After three sets of attack on top of the Manly line, Kevin Gordon is put in the corner after Aidan Sezer steps around the defence,to kick across field and put his winger in. Prince misses.
Gold Coast Titans 4-0
7 min: Titans are back on the attack
8 min: Taufua collects the ball and brings it back for Manly!
8 min: A massive bomb from Daly Cherry-Evans puts massive pressure on David Mead but he takes the catch!
9 min: Sezer clears the ball and the Titans don't chase hard enough, Taufua brings it back to his 40
10 min: Manly are into the Titans half
10 min: Foran kicks across field but Mead takes it in the air and is punished by Matai!
11 min: Prince clears and makes the tackle on Brett Stewart 15 from the Manly line.
12 min: Lyon gets the kick but the Titans defuse it on their 20.
13 min: Bird makes a great line break but he throws an around the corner pass to his winger but it goes into touch. Scrum Manly 40 out from their line. Injury concerns for Watmough.
13 min: Immediate turn over and Manly are on the defensive deep in their half
15 min: Prince gets deep and kicks across field, but Idris loses it forward and Manly scoop it up.
16 min: Knock on from the Titans. Scrum Manly 40 from their line.
16 min: The Titans are driving hard in defence.
19 min: TRY
Foran gets the ball 20 metres out from the try line and puts in a great banana kick that bounces away from the Titans to see Brett Stewart score under the posts. Lyon converts.
Manly Sea Eagles 6-4
20 min: Stewart nearly scores a try after a great pass from his brother, Stewart tries to flick it to his winger but it goes out.
21 min: Sezer kicks the ball into the in goal but Dean Whare manges to get back in the field of play.
22 min: A penalty to the Titans after some confusion off a last tackle option, Titans go on the attack deep inside the Manly half
23 min: Bird loses the ball, just 10 metres from the try line. Scrum Manly.
24 min: Some more big defence here from the Titans. Punishing some of the Manly Players.
25 min: Cherry-Evans kicks towards the corner and then the Manly defence wraps up the Titans winger 10 out from the line
25 min: Manly have pinned the Titans inside their 10.
26 min: Sezer clears it and Whare is tackled on his 40. Great defence from Manly.
28 min: TRY
Ballin takes the ball from dummy half and gives the ball to the first reciever who then turns it on the inside to Brett Stewart who tears the defence to bits and then send Ballin over the line. Lyon converts.
Manly Sea Eagles 12-4
29 min: Cherry-Evans put the ball into touch. Scrum Titans 10 from their line.
30 min: Prince returns the favour. scrum Manly 10 from their line.
34 min: Some great work by the Titans keeping the ball alive.
34 min: Titans working their way up to half way!
36 min: Sezer goes over the line but Foran stripped the ball and Manly will now drop the ball out.
36 min: Titans get a penalty one metre from the line. Manly under the pump
38 min: Sezer puts the ball down just metres from the line. Scrum Manly 10 from the line.
39 min: A penalty will get Manly some metres.
40 min: TRY
Foran scores an amazing try. The Manly attackers desperately spread the ball that had Lyon in space on the outside. He kicked back on his inside and Foran beats EVERYONE to the line. Lyon converts and it is half time!
Manly Sea Eagles 18-4
40 min: Second half is now under way as the Manly Sea Eagles have first use.
40 min: Will Zillman touches the ball and it goes into touch. Scrum manly 20 out from the try line.
45 min: TRY
Titans have started badly. The ball just went through the hands and the Eagles are up! Lyon converts.
Manly Sea Eagles 24-4
47 min: After a penalty the Titans are on the attack.
47 min: Titans lose it and now Manly have a penalty for a strip
47 min: Manly could have scored but lose it.
48 min: Cherry-Evans has some injury concerns but seems to be okay.
49 min: Manly working their way out of their own half
50 min: Cherry-Evans kicks low and Mead brings it back!
50 min: Penalty Titans. Manly held for holding down.
50 min: Titans get another penalty after he was tackled before the ball got to him.
51 min: After some confusing play, the ball goes to Manly, the ball goes to Titans and Idris is knocked out.
51 min: Titans is on top of the line now.
52 min: Titans will get the ball back from a drop out and Idris remains on field.
53 min: Some poor play from the Titans and B Stewart fields a grubber .
54 min: The Titans are working out of their half. Winning the field position battle.
55 min: The Titans all but score a try, Greg Bird pulled out of the play and they receive a penalty.
57 min: TRY
Beau Falloon will get across and get the Titans back into the game after he burrows under the defensive line. Prince converts.
Manly Sea Eagles 24-10
60 min: Manly lose the ball; Titans scrum 20 out from their line.
61 min: A huge shot from Idris on Taufua as stops them jusst one metre out.
62 min: A double knock on and the Titans will have a scrum on the 20 metre line.
64 min: Mead wins the foot race, but the ball wins the race as it goes dead. Manly 20 metre restart.
66 min: Prince puts a kick in but its too big. 20 metre restart for Manly
67 min: Titans throw the ball forward and Manly have a scrum, 40 out from the line.
69 min: Titans shrug off the attack from Manly. Working their way out of their half.
69 min: Taufua collects a kick from his in goal and is punished with a massive hit from Jamal Idris and Minichello
69 min: VIDEO REF: check if the ball was grounded before going out
72 min: TRY
After a great offload and then even better shifting work, the Titans score in the corner as Gordon wraps up a double. Prince converts.
Manly Sea Eagles 24-16
76 min: Cherry-Evans goes for a field goal but it is deflected by the Titans and they go on the attack.
77 min: Titans force a drop out from the Manly side. They are under immense pressure.
78 min: Six more for the Titans right on the Manly try line.
79 min: The Titans come back is ended.
80 min: That is the game and season for the Titans.....Manly will now play from fourth position.

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