Manly Lockying it Away over Broncos: First 2011 Grand Finalist

Officially the first team into the 2011 NRL Grand Final as been finalised tonight as Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles were been dominate over the Brisbane Broncos. The beach boys closed the curtains on the wonderful career of Darren Lockyer. Manly secured their Grand Final berth 26-10 at the Sydney Football Stadium in front of 31,894.

The Broncos presented a different side without the services of their veteran in Lockyer and the difference was evident early as the Manly side collected the first points. Three minutes of the game lapsed and Matt Ballin from dummy half reached out to plant the ball on the line. Jamie Lyon converted the first of his three goals in the first half. Manly 6-0.

Fire and passion are the elements the Sea Eagles opted for in the game with two tries collected in the first half. 10 minutes in and Dale Copley coughed up the ball for Manly and they capitalised on the error and crossed through William Hopoate. Manly hit 10-0 with the failed conversion by Jamie Lyon.

Points flowed for Manly in the open exchanges off the clash as Brett Stewart crossed off a lovely Daly Cherry-Evans dummy. Penalty cost the Broncos points as Manly would jump on all opportunities they were presented with. Manly stuck 16-0 after 20 minutes.

The final points of the first half were stolen by Jharal Yow Yeh as he scored a freakish try as he lept and planted it on the line. Corey Parker pushing the conversion wide. 10 minutes from the break, Broncos hitting back 16-4.

As the half time siren sounded a wobbly attempted at field goal was struck by Cherry-Evans, at oranges the score remained 16-4.

The second half started with the Broncos on the back foot as William Hopoate was gifted his double by Jamie Lyon's cut out pass. Manly converted another penalty into points. Lyon kicked the goal, Manly 22-4 after 6 minutes.

Manly managed it, and the Broncos repeating the same fortune as they converted a penalty into points in the 50th minute. Peter Wallace got friendly with the post pads as he dived in to score. George Rose came off worse for wear after his effort to save the try. Broncos hopeful at 22-10.

The Sea Eagles all but sealed their place in the Grand Final as Kieran Foran continued his kick chase efforts and forced a strip on Gerard Beale to score. Manly 26-10. 

Manly face issues as two players were placed on report. Firstly Tony Williams for a high shot on Bronco Jharal Yow Yeh and then Steve Matai was warned for his attempted try-saver on the same man in Yow Yeh as he lead with the knees.

The man of the match, Jamie Lyon stood up in defence to stop the raid of the Broncos in possibly the try-saver of the season on Matt Gillett. After multiple looks at the replay, the Video Referee spun up Refs Call and Jared Maxwell ruled held up come the 68th minute.

As nine minutes remained on the clock and a constellation try fell to Dale Copley who was on the end of a good passing game to the Broncos fringe players. Corey Parker converted from the sideline. Manly however victors 26-16 winners over the Broncos and the first side into the NRL 2011 Grand Final. Manly's record continues as a result of the win with they have never lost a preliminary finals clash since 1975.

The Sea Eagles will travel to ANZ Stadium next Sunday afternoon at 5PM to face either the Melbourne Storm or the New Zealand Warriors.

Match Details
Manly Sea Eagles 26 defeated Brisbane Broncos 16
National Rugby League - Finals Week 3 - Friday September 23, 2011 7:45pm
Venue: Sydney Football Stadium
Referee: Shayne Hayne and Jared Maxwell
Video Referee: Russell Smith and Steve Clark
Touch Judges: Steve Carrall and Ricky MacFarlane
Crowd: 31,894
Halftime: Manly Sea Eagles 16 Brisbane Broncos 4 players of the match:
3 Points - Jamie Lyon (3 Conversions)
2 Points - Daly Cherry-Evans
1 Point - Matt Ballin (1 Try)

Manly Sea Eagles (26)
Tries: Matt Ballin, Brett Stewart, Kieran Foran, William Hopoate (2)
Field Goals: Daly Cherry-Evans (0/1)
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (3/5)

Brisbane Broncos (16)
Tries: Peter Wallace, Jharal Yow Yeh, Dale Copley
Conversions: Corey Parker (2/3) Live Commentary Good Evening League Fans.

Get Ready for the first GRAND FINAL qualifier for 2011. Four teams remain, 3 games to be played this season. Tonight we kick off with a massive clash between the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles and Brisbane Broncos. Obviously the big news is Darren Lockyer won't play, the Broncos will miss him but they will stand for him here at the Sydney Football Stadium. Whilst for the Manly side, they will look to their young guns in the halves. Kick off is about 15 minutes away. The winner will face either face the STORM or the WARRIORS depending on their match tomorrow night at AAMI Park.
As for team changes tonight. Manly are as per the program, 1 through 17. Whilst as mentioned the Broncos will be without the services of Darren Lockyer, as a result Matt Gillett comes in to the side in 14.

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We are moments away from kick off now. Sam Thaiday is leading out the Broncos now. Manly to follow.
1 min: Daly Cherry-Evans gets us underway here at the SFS. Broncos with the first use of the ball.
1 min: Massive kick from Peter Wallace at the end of the set. Ball collected by Brett Stewart in the goals and returning.
1 min: First penalty against the Broncos for Justin Hodges committing too long in the tackle. As a result the Manly Sea Eagles attacking just inside the half.
2 min: Another penalty to the Manly Sea Eagles for Josh Mcguire placing a hand on the ball. Kick taken and the Sea Eagles are only 20 metres from the broncos line.
3 min: TRY
TRY! Sea Eagles
On the back of two penalties for Manly, attacking was strong as they took on the Broncos line. Joe Galuvao was close with his attempt, however Matt Ballin out of dummy half dived in. Jamie Lyon was successful with the kick.
Manly Sea Eagles 6-0
5 min: From the kick off the ball hit the posts and the Broncos have the ball attacking only 15 metres from the Manly line.
5 min: KNOCK ON! Broncos looking to stack the blind side however the pass not sticking and Jharal Yow Yeh losing control of the ball over the sideline.
7 min: Penalty to the Broncos now. Possibly a milking penalty from Jack Reed however William Hopoate penalised for not releasing in the tackle. Brisbane attacking 30 metres from the Manly line.
9 min: KNOCK ON! Chance missed by the Broncos. Jack Reed jumped high and caught the ball, looking to score but Dale Copley was flying through and headed the ball out of Reed's hands. Manly as a result get the 20 metre restart.
10 min: TRY
TRY! Sea Eagles
Dale Copley cost the Broncos their own points and now he has given the Manly side more points. Off the lose carry from Copley, Manly capitalised and passed wide to find the arms of William Hopoate. Sliding over in the corner to get the extension of the lead. Jamie Lyon from the sideline was waived away.
Manly Sea Eagles 10-0
13 min: Stabbing kick down field from Manly. Beale in the back play looking to collect it back bouncing away from him without touch. Broncos getting the 20 metre tap.
Earlier tonight in Toyota Cup action. The Cowboys getting the goods in the under 20's over the Sharks. 38-14. The Cowboys will face either the Bulldogs or the Warriors depending on their match tomorrow.
17 min: Penalty to the Manly Sea Eagles against the Broncos for having three marks at the play of the ball. Manly looking the stronger of the two sides in the opening exchanges. Try is begging on the back of this penalty.
18 min: Jamie Lyon keeping the pressure on the Broncos as the kick was forced dead over the line. A repeat set through a drop out is given to Manly.
20 min: TRY
TRY! Sea Eagles
It's becoming too easy for the Manly side. On the back of a penalty and a repeat set, the Sea Eagles have extended their lead with the fullback crossing. Daly Cherry-Evans dummying and running to find Stewart to open up the defensive line and stepping on the inside to plant the ball down for the try. Jamie Lyon successful with the kick.
Manly Sea Eagles 16-0
23 min: Foran looking for a 40/20 however the ball bouncing back in the field for Beale to collect. Manly looking very comfortable in their sets. Limited errors so far. As George Rose is about to come into the mix for Manly.
26 min: Penalty to Manly. They are getting all the calls against them the Broncos. Harsh call against Sam Thaiday for not playing the ball correctly. Manly looking for more points attacking on the Broncos 30 metre line.
27 min: Jamie Lyon calling on Cherry-Evans to kick the ball in the goals however the ball bouncing up away from Lyon and battered dead. Broncos get the 20 metre tap.
28 min: ZERO! Broncos getting a call to go their way. Manly ruled to have played at the lose ball. Attacking inside the Manly half.
29 min: TRY
TRY! Broncos
FREAKISH! Jharal Yow Yeh leaping high in the contest to steal one and plant it on the line. Amazing effort to land and score just inside the line. Parker pushing the kick wide with the conversion.
Manly Sea Eagles 16-4
31 min: Broncos getting some confidence from the try as Justin Hodges fending some defence.
32 min: Sam Thaiday getting some captains work done. Coming in and forcing the Manly pack back in goals. As a result drop out coming to the Broncos for their chance to back up their points.
33 min: Matt Gillett looking to the air for Yow Yeh to possibly get over the line however Manly leaping in the contest to collect the ball.
34 min: Zero tackle and then a penalty for Corey Parker trying to slow the play of the ball. Manly will love this chance. Attacking from the free kick only 20 metres from the Broncos line.
35 min: KNOCK ON! They call him Choc but Anthony Watmough has dropped his lollies at the line. Scrum feed packing for the Broncos on their own line.
38 min: Beale looking to slide through low and collect the high ball, but sliding pass it. Broncos collecting and getting a set just outside their 10 metre line.
38 min: Quick hands from the Broncos. Beautiful hands from the team passing it wide out to find Yow Yeh, good running but failed to come away with points. Manly escaping the raid.
FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT very poor from the young Cherry-Evans, pushed right away from the posts as the Half time siren sounds here at the SFS.
Manly Sea Eagles 16-4

The first half of this intense battle from the Sydney Football Stadium has been completed with Manly Sea Eagles holding their own 16 points to 4 over the Brisbane Broncos. Tonight have shown a different side without the services of veteran Darren Lockyer however they have been unlucky in parts. They have been opportunities gone begging for the Broncos in the first half. Regardless the Sea Eagles have been on their game making only the one mistake thanks to the lolly dropping Choc-Watmough. This contest is not decided yet, we have an exciting second 40 minutes ahead of us with the Broncos possible to make a fight back. Manly if they play like they have been in opening exchanges then they will be the first team through to the 2011 NRL Grand Final.
The second half is about to get underway with the Broncos walking back out first onto the SFS turf.
40 min: TIME ON! Jared Maxwell blows time back on with the Manly Sea Eagles through Foran getting the first use.
41 min: KNOCK ON! Manly looking for a chance early. In front of the sticks.
41 min: KNOCK ON! Manly returning the ball straight back to the Broncos in Jack Reed. The brisbane side are on the back foot early.
42 min: Into an open gap with Will Hopoate showing up the defence and getting the commentators all excited. Manly looking to extend with the line break, but wrapped up.
43 min: George Rose looking to get some passing on but it failed to find the mark. Scrum packing for the Broncos on their own 10 metre line.
45 min: KNOCK ON! Time off here. Possible warning from the referees for a tackle of DCE.
45 min: Sam Thaiday getting the warning from the officials. Penalty to the Manly side, Daly Cherry-Evans getting collected around the legs in mid-air by Thaiday. Sea Eagles looking for points now only 10 metres from the line.
46 min: TRY
TRY! Sea Eagles
William Hopoate has been gifted his double with Jamie Lyon getting his passing game on to find his winger. Manly off the penalty again converting it into points. Manly looking the goods and at this stage looking to advance to the NRL Grand Final. Jamie Lyon from the sideline has failed to convert the goal.
Manly Sea Eagles 22-4
48 min: Brett Stewart looking to streak away off a lose ball but wrapped up as he passed. Manly are on fire in the second half as their confidence continues to grow. Broncos looking on the back foot since the whistle was blown to start the second half.
50 min: Penalty to the Broncos. Anthony Watmough coming in with a second push on the player. Broncos with a chance to get points, attacking only 20 metres out.
50 min: TRY
TRY! Broncos
Manly did it, and now the Broncos have. From the penalty the Brisbane side getting moving thanks to a Corey Parker offload and Peter Wallace as dived over next to the post to plant it down. As a result of the try George Rose met the posts pad as he tried to stop the try.
Manly Sea Eagles 22-10
53 min: Matt Gillett looking to complete the set after the try. However a massive kick from him was caught the wind here at the SFS and landed out on the full.
54 min: Penalty Manly. Peter Wallace with a lazy arm collecting a Manly player high. The Sea Eagles attacking only 20 metres out. Wouldn't be surprised if the Manly side score.
55 min: The Broncos showing some great defence as on the last tackle the Sea Eagles went 30 metres backwards to cough up the ball to the Broncos. Good result for the visitors.
56 min: Brett Stewart safely getting himself in the goals to collect the Peter Wallace kick. Manly with a 20 metre tap.
57 min: TRY
TRY! Sea Eagles
Manly with a massive kick downfield. Beale was looking the goods to collect the ball however Foran chasing the kick and stripping it out and scoring. The Sea Eagles looking to be the first team through to the Grand Final as Jamie Lyon converts the goal.
Manly Sea Eagles 26-10
63 min: Broncos still in this game as Yow Yeh getting into open space from the kick return and the Broncos getting reward for the run with a penalty. Tony Williams coming across with a swinging arm and Yow Yeh is still down. Time off.
63 min: Tony Williams has been placed on report for the high shot on Yow Yeh. More issues for Manly with Brett Stewart battling with cram.
63 min: Broncos able to find touch with the penalty kick and are on the attack.
63 min: Yow Yeh looking for the corner post as collected an injury to the ribs thanks to a Steve Matai leg.
64 min: Steve Matai has been placed on report for leading with the knees in the tackle. Broncos with the penalty and a chance to hit back.
65 min: Broncos looking for points failed to with that set at the line, however a good result with a drop out.
66 min: Jamie Lyon stretching and leaping up above the pack to pluck the ball from the air and save Manly from getting points scored against them.
67 min: Penalty to the Broncos for Manly being inside the 10 metres at the 20 metre tap.
68 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION PENDING! Broncos may of scored with Matt Gillett
68 min: WOW! Jamie Lyon has stopped Matt Gillett from scoring. A wonderful try saving effort from Lyon. REFS CALL officially from the Video Referee and Maxwell rules he was held up.
69 min: On the last the Broncos spreading it wide with Hodges and he was collected by the Manly defence. Change over the call.
71 min: TRY
TRY! Broncos
Dale Copley with welcome arms has collected his own points tonight are bombing two other tries. Good passing from the Broncos finding the fringe players and crossing. Corey Parker converting from the touch line.
Manly Sea Eagles 26-16
75 min: Zero tackle for the Manly side. They will advance into the NRL Grand Final for 2011.
77 min: Broncos not done with here as Jack Reed making a break down field. Time off and penalty to the Broncos against Steve Matai at the Manly line.
78 min: NO TRY! Penalty to the Manly side for an obstruction. David Hala coming through and collecting his own team mate in Corey Parker.
79 min: Stewart collecting the ball from the goals and returning it. Manly will hold on here and enter the Grand Final next week.
80 min: FULL TIME! The Manly Warringah Sea Eagles have defeated the Brisbane Broncos 26-14 here at the Sydney Football. The curtain closes on the wonderful club career of Darren Lockyer.

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