Manly Muster A Massive Penrith Pounding

The Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles after a long trip around the grounds away from Brookvale Oval return home to put down the Penrith Panthers 30-0 in front of 14,255 fans.

Daly Cherry-Evans had to step up and control the game for Manly with the number of injuries which forced a shuffle in the line-up. Tonight his performance was nothing short of masterful.

After an end to end contest the Manly squad broke the dead lock on the scoreboard as Jamie Buhrer accelerated through the line to score. His efforts tonight were needed and aided the victory. 25 minutes lapsed 6-0 Manly.

Travis Burns was placed on report after a high tackle on Jamie Buhrer which forced him from the field. Jamie Lyon nailed the goal to extend the lead to 8-0 just before the half time break.

Defence was key for the Sea Eagles and forced the Panthers out of the clash. A costly error early second half from the Penrith squad saw Cherry-Evans and Jamie Lyon link together. Quick hands set up David Williams to claim the second Manly four-pointer. The Sea Eagles flying 12-0.

Manly continued to be tactical with a penalty goal opted for mid second half as Jamie Lyon extended the gap to 14. Penrith out of the contest as Manly would go on to back their goal line defence. 

Cherry-Evans' second half performance guided the side out of their three game losing streak as his hand gifted points for Steve Matai. The video referee awarded a benefit of the doubt try after his effort to ground the ball. Lyon's conversion blew out the score line to 20-0 with just ten minutes left on the clock.

Inside the final moments at Brookvale saw Manly add two further tries on the board. Again the man upstairs asked for his opinion on the play as he awarded David Williams his second try of home coming tour. Cherry-Evans and Lyon on the right wing all class to guide the ball into the awaiting arms of beloved "Wolfman". 

The fifth and final late try sealed the two competition points for the Sea Eagles when Cherry-Evans chipped-and-chased downfield. However Anthony Watmough backed up in support and plucked the favourable bounce to claim four-pointer. The conversion waived away and as the full time siren loomed, Manly 30-0.

The hooter sounded as the Manly side back at home pulled out the stops and picked up a 30-0 victory over the Penrith Panthers. Next week the Panthers return to Centrebet Stadium as they host the luck-laster Wests Tigers. While the Sea Eagles will open Brookvale again to face the Gold Coast Titans

Match Details
Manly Sea Eagles 30 defeated Penrith Panthers 0
National Rugby League - Round 6 - Monday April 9, 2012 7:00pm
Venue: Brookvale Oval
Referee: Gerard Sutton and Henry Perenara
Video Referee: Chris Ward
Touch Judges: Dave Abood and Gavin West
Crowd: 14,255
Halftime: Manly Sea Eagles 8 Penrith Panthers 0 players of the match:
3 Points - Daly Cherry-Evans
2 Points - Dean Whare
1 Point - Jamie Buhrer (1 Try)

Tries: Anthony Watmough, Steve Matai, David Williams (2), Jamie Buhrer
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (3/5)
Penalty Goals: Jamie Lyon (2/2)

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If you love Twitter, you'll love @LeagueUnlimited! Today's official NRL match hashtag is #NRLmanpen Team changes: Manly's Brett Stewart and Kieran Foran are OUT, with Dean Whare (fullback) and Liam Foran (five-eighth) their replacements. Daniel Harrison moves to the bench with Vic Mauro to start at lock. The Panthers have no omissions, however prop Sam McKendry retreats to the bench with Danny Galea to start. Good Evening League fans we are moments away from kick off for the first time at Brookvale Oval in 2012. A host of changes will hurt Manly's changes and could see Penrith cause an upset. Anything is possible in our beautiful game of Rugby League.
Both sides taking the park with the Panthers kicking off to give Manly use of the footy.
1 min: We are underway with the Panthers kicking off.
1 min: Manly with a good set with a kick away from the boot of Liam Foran as the crowd continues to pour into the Oval.
2 min: End to End stuff early, no errors from either side. Coote for the Panthers under the high ball defused the bomb easily.
3 min: Matt Balin has been pushed behind the line with blood coming out of his left eye. Not a nice look as he splits his eyebrow open again similar to last week.
4 min: The front-rowers tape goes around the head of Ballin as the Panthers get a scrum feed deep in the Manly half. Chance for points early at the Manly line.
5 min: Penalty to the Manly side for a high shot. A free kick taken following the shot from Michael Jennings on David Williams. They have a set just short of the halfway line.
6 min: Matt Ballin is off to the blood bin officially now as the blood continues to come from the eye. Straight into the sheds for a fix up. Manly continue with their set on the Panthers 40 metre line.
9 min: Michael Jennings looking to create play on the short side but juggling the ball and losing it over the touchline. Manly get and win a scrum feed on their 30 metre line.
10 min: Coote under pressure deep on the goal line manages to beat two defenders to get over the 10 metre line.
10 min: Penalty for a strip against Anthony Watmough, harsh maybe against the Manly boys but as a result free kick taken. Panthers with a full set on their 30 metre line.
11 min: Panthers looking for points early in the set, putting the pressure on with a kick mid set and Etuate Uaisele got a hand to it and knocked it dead. Manly get a quick 20 metre tap.
13 min: Cherry-Evans kick's beating Etuate Uaisele over the sideline. Panthers get the ball from a scrum feed deep in their own half.
15 min: Penalty to Penrith against Watmough for holding too long in the tackle. Easy escape from their half with their set starting on their 40 metre line.
16 min: Michael Jennings finds a gap and puts the pedal down and raced towards the goal line. The pass on the inside to Coote good but he knocked it down. Scrum feed to Manly 10 metres out from the line.
19 min: Zero tackle for Manly, a touch from the Panthers gets them so close to the line.
19 min: KNOCK ON! Cherry-Evans opening up the line of the Panthers but the shifting ball too hot for Dean Whare has he knocked on. Panthers get the scrum feed on their own 10 metre line.
22 min: KNOCK ON! Manly again looking to spread the ball on the left side of the field. Passing not pin point and they need to pull it back and get back to basics. Panthers with a scrum feed on half way.
23 min: Video Referee Decision for the Panthers. Looking like a knock on from the Panthers. David Simmons the player involved.
24 min: NO TRY the ruling, 20 metre tap for the Manly Sea Eagles.
24 min: Penalty to the Manly boys for too much commitment in the ruck. Big kick downfield, Manly with a chance at the Panthers line 30 metre out.
25 min: TRY
TRY! Manly
The dead lock is finally broken with Jamie Buhrer accelerating into the line and powering over the goal line. The speed to much for the defence. Off the penalty the Manly side makes Panthers pay. Jamie Lyon adds the extras.
Manly Sea Eagles 6-0
29 min: Panthers looking for a runner on the left wing but unable to with Steve Matai diving on the ball on his 10 metre line.
30 min: Manly getting the ball moving as Dean Whare found space to get away from the Panthers defenders. The pass from Whare to Cherry-Evans ruled forward. Panthers get a scrum feed just inside the Manly half.
30 min: KNOCK ON! The Panthers with a quick play across the field to Luke Lewis who met four Manly players at the goal line and lost it. Knock on the call and Manly get the scrum 10 metres out.
34 min: A poor kick from the Panthers as the defence from the manly side kept them down in their half. The kick straight to the fullback on the Manly 40 metre line.
34 min: Time off as there is concern for Jamie Buhrer, Travis Burns coming across with the forearm.
34 min: Travis Burns has been placed ON REPORT for a high shot as Jamie Buhrer was falling to ground. Shouldn't be any issues with the review later in the week. Manly opting for the penalty goal.
Following the penalty against Travis Burns, the goal is taken and successful.
Manly Sea Eagles 8-0
40 min: On the siren a penalty to the Manly side for a second dig at taking the player over the sideline.
40 min: A field goal attempt from the Manly side was poor on the 40 metre line. The Panthers charge it and launched a counter-attack but it wasn't to any luck. Ball taken to ground and the Panthers end the half in their own half.
Half time at Brookvale Oval has Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 8 leading the Penrith Panthers 0. The defence from Manly has been at a high standard with the Panthers unable to find the line after Luke Lewis went close. It will be an interest second half to see whether the Panthers can strike back, or whether Manly can hold and claim their first win at Brookvale to revamp their 2012 campaign.
41 min: Both sides on the field, ready and the referee blows time on. Panthers get the first use of the ball.
41 min: KNOCK ON! A terrible start for the Panthers with Kevin Kingston knocking on. Manly get the scrum feed on the Panthers 20 metre line.
42 min: TRY
TRY! Manly
From the Panthers error, the Manly side through the passing of Cherry-Evans and Jamie Lyon links up and push David Williams through the line. A questionable pass on the end, but Williams claims the Manly second four-pointer. Jamie Lyon with the conversion has just missed the posts and it's waived away.
Manly Sea Eagles 14-0
45 min: Kick from Cherry-Evans on the last finds the touchline down on the 10 metre line. Panthers get and win the scrum feed.
47 min: Cherry-Evans looking not 100% with a possible leg injury. Limping with the trainer. However back in play has the Panthers from a scrum feed on the Manly 30 metre line.
47 min: Time off, possible injury for Luke Lewis. But gets up and plays the ball on the last.
47 min: Luke Walsh on the last kicks to the in goal and it was taken easily by the Manly side, however a possible block on David Simmons. But the 20 metre quick option given to Manly.
49 min: David Williams looked to get the ball on the outside, but the ball went to ground. Panthers get the scrum feed on the 10 metre line.
49 min: Ball lost and Manly get the zero call deep in the Panthers half. Chance to put the game beyond question.
50 min: As play continues there is now concern Travis Burns in back play. As that happens Jamie Lyon went close to the line but the defence from Coote too strong.
51 min: KNOCK ON! A pass which didn't need to be thrown from David Simmons gives Manly the ball right back through a scrum feed on the Panthers 10. You would think points are a certainty to follow.
52 min: Penalty to the Manly Sea Eagles and they will take the penalty goal from in front of the sticks. Panthers will be hurting with a 14-0 lead.
Jamie Lyon from in front sticks adds the two points. The Panthers now need three tries to close this gap.
Manly Sea Eagles 14-0
55 min: Penalty to the Panthers now for too much in the ruck from Manly. They have to score points if they are going to contest the scoreboard.
56 min: KNOCK ON! David Williams pushing up in the line got a hand into the line as the pass was thrown. Knock on the call, Panthers get a scrum feed on the manly 10 metre line.
58 min: The Panthers can't crack the line, the goal line defence from Manly is too good. At this rate Manly will get their third win of the 2012 season.
58 min: Penalty to the Panthers against Steve Matai as he was "downtown" according to the referee.
60 min: Video Referee Decision for the Panthers. well this will be interesting...finally getting points.
60 min: NO TRY! Panthers, Dean Whare amazing to keep Uaisele up off the ground. Held up the call and the Manly keep their 14-0 lead in tact.
62 min: Another penalty to the Panthers, No marker the call. The Penrith side need to get the points, they have had chances but Manly goal line defence too good. A chance they will have from the manly 30 metre line.
62 min: Michael Jennings stepped and went searching for the goal line, however David Williams in covering defence puts him over the touchline. Manly escape the raid again with a scrum feed.
Official Crowd tonight at Brookvale Oval is 14,255.
65 min: Luke Walsh looked to spread the ball but put it to ground.
67 min: Video Referee Decision for Manly. Possible try for Steve matai. Cherry-Evans with a great grubber.
68 min: TRY
TRY! Benefit of the Doubt Manly
Cherry-Evans has been key to their victory tonight with the powers in his hands. His kick set up Steve Matai to race through and sit down and ground the ball after rolling it on his leg. The points continue Manly. Jamie Lyon converts from in front to make the score line blow out with Panthers done and dusted.
Manly Sea Eagles 20-0
70 min: Panthers are shot in attack with the Manly defence too good at the line. David Williams leapt high and took the ball without pressure.
71 min: Controlling the game well with his kicking game tonight and the icing on the cake for him with a 40/20 kick. Manly get the scrum feed 15 metres from the Panthers line.
72 min: Video Referee Decision for Manly, possible for David Williams. Looking at the touchline and grounding.
73 min: TRY
TRY! Manly
Video Referee happy with the play and Manly extend their lead. David Williams on the end of the play from Cherry-Evans and Jamie Lyon with the flick pass. Williams in to get the Manly 5th. Jamie Lyon converts from the touchline.
Manly Sea Eagles 26-0
74 min: Panthers can get not anything going with another touch on the ball as the pass was thrown. Manly get the scrum feed short of the half way line.
78 min: TRY
TRY! Manly
Daly Cherry-Evans crafted the points tonight and again this time with a chip and chase. The last bounce didn't favour the number 7 so if not him the Candy Man can, Anthony "Choc" Watmough flying through and grounded the ball to get the final four-pointer to Manly. The conversion from Jamie Lyon missed but the score not flattering the Panthers boys.
Manly Sea Eagles 30-0
79 min: In the final play of the game the Panthers hooker Kevin Kingston has picked up an injury and won't help their cause to get two competition points next week against the Tigers.
80 min: Full time at Brookvale for the first time in 2012 has given the Manly Sea Eagles a kick start back to their season by defeating the Penrith Panthers 30-0

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