Manly tame trembling Tigers

NSW Central Coast's Bluetongue Stadium was treated to a clash between two of the 2012 premiership favourites which saw Manly continue a winning start to the season with 22-18 victory over the Wests Tigers.

Manly started the game particularly strongly, but strong a Tigers' defence managed to keep them out and their failure to put points on in the first 20 ultimately undid them in the first half. First points went the way of the Tigers with a try to Adam Blair in the 25th minute. Manly proceeded to concede six penalties and the Tigers saw fit to turn one into points.

The men in maroon wouldn't leave the half empty handed though, earning a penalty seconds away from half time and opting to take the two which took them to the interval behind by only six. The Tigers led at half time 8 points to 2.

The Sea Eagles began the second half with a real fire in their bellies and used this to put pressure on the Tigers who spilled their first touch of the football to create the perfect opportunity for Manly to collect their first try. Jason King collected the four pointer with the help of Cherry-Evans in the 43rd minute. In the space of two minutes King's fellow co-captain put on four points of his own courtesy of conversion and a penalty goal.

By the 50th minute, Manly had found their way to a 16 - 8 lead after Cherry-Evans put on a superb solo 70 metre try. The Tigers tried to fight back but were met by unrelenting opposition who in the 60th minute they were in again, this time through Tony Williams who barged over Robbie Farah for his second try in 2 matches.

The Tigers mounted a come back heading into the final ten with a try to Beau Ryan in the 68th minute. Wests continued to fight but it took nearly ten minutes for their next try with Joel Reddy scoring in the 77th. It was, however, too little too late for the men in orange and Manly held on to claim a 22-18 victory and the odds for premiership favourites.

Match Details
Manly Sea Eagles 22 defeated Wests Tigers 18
National Rugby League - Round 2 - Friday March 9, 2012 7:45pm
Venue: Bluetongue Stadium, Gosford
Referee: Ben Cummins and Gerard Sutton
Video Referee: Russell Smith
Touch Judges: Adam Reid and Dave Munro
Crowd: 17,532
Halftime: Manly Sea Eagles 2 Wests Tigers 8 players of the match:
3 Points - Daly Cherry-Evans (1 Try)
2 Points - Tony Williams (1 Try)
1 Point - Aaron Woods

Tries: Jason King, Tony Williams, Daly Cherry-Evans
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Jamie Lyon (2/2)

Tries: Joel Reddy, Adam Blair, Beau Ryan
Conversions: Benji Marshall (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Benji Marshall (1/1) Live Commentary Join the conversation - follow LeagueUnlimited on Twitter and tweet about the match using the Official Hashtag = #NRLmanwst.

You can also discuss the match with thousands of other fans in our Game Day Forums - click here. Good evening and welcome to Bluetongue Stadium where we commence Round Two with a clash between the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and the Wests Tigers.
TEAM NEWS: Daniel Harrison in jumper 18 will replace the injured Glenn Stewart in the lock position for Manly. Matthew Bell is replaced on the Tigers bench by Ben Murdoch-Masila in jumper 18.
1 min: Manly kick off and the Tigers have first use of the football.
3 min: First PENALTY of the night goes to the Tigers, against Watmough for playing the ball incorrectly. Great opportunity for the Tigers early.
4 min: Ellis passes the ball into touch, so danger averted for Manly.
5 min: Clearing kick on the third by Manly and the kick chase is inspired, with Manly making the seventy metres to defend right at the Tigers' line.
6 min: Manly go on the attack as the Tigers were forced to kick from their 20 and the kick return from the Eagles was good.
7 min: Beau Ryan earns a 20 metre restart for the Tigers to help them away from their try line.
8 min: Manly are awarded their first PENALTY of the night as the Tigers are penalised for being inside the ten and the Eagles again find their way onto the attack.
9 min: Lyon grubbers toward the in goal for David Williams who is beaten by the ball that bounces into touch, scrum Tigers.
10 min: Terrible pass from Robbie Farah goes straight into touch and Manly have a scrum 35 away from the Tigers' line.
12 min: Foran forces Humble to knock it dead, earning Manly repeat sets through a line drop out.
13 min: PENALTY to the Tigers who are offered a big reprieve with Harrison being penalised for off side.
15 min: Tony Williams is handed an inside pass from Foran and proceeds makes a monster breakthrough the Tigers' line.
17 min: Ballin is PENALISED for a high tackle and the Tigpies are gifted a set about 30 out from Manly's line.
17 min: Stewart shadows a ball dead and Manly have a 20 metre restart.
20 min: Ellis is PENALISED for a high shot.
21 min: In the first quarter, it has been Manly with the smarter football who have looked threatening since the opening whistle. The Tigers have had a couple of opportunities but haven't looked overly likely yet. The defence of the black golds has however been very resilient keeping Manly off the board.
21 min: Manly are awarded a PENALTY for a strip and this is a great opportunity for them.
22 min: Lussick spills the ball a couple of metres out from the Tigers' line to let them right off the hook.
24 min: Lussick hands the ball over again with the ball popping out of his grasp about 40 out from his own line, here's a great opportunity for the Tigers. 26 min: TRY
TRY to the Tigers!
Adam Blair gets the ball from Benji Marshall, dummies one way, goes the other and finds his way over the try line. Marshall converts a simple attempt.
Wests Tigers 6-0
29 min: The Tigers have gathered some real momentum from the try and now look well ahead of their maroon opposition.
Manly are penalised for being offside and they opt for the 2, ten metres from the Manly line, Marshall collects the points.
Wests Tigers 8-0
33 min: Tigers are awarded another PENALTY and referee Cummins advances the mark. Tigers on the attack 20 out.
34 min: Farah tries to grubber in goal and it doesn't go to plan, Cherry-Evans runs it off the Manly line.
35 min: The ball went back and forth and now the Tigers' gift Manly a scrum to take the pressure off.
37 min: Manly are PENALISED again for something about 5 metres from the Tigers' line.
39 min: Watmough spills the ball and Manly can't wait for half time.
40 min: Foran steals the ball one and one and Manly proceed to earn a PENALTY for Wests' players being off side.
Heighington is PENALISED for tackling a player without the ball and Manly opt to take the 2 with seconds remaining on the clock. Lyon collects the two points from nearly 40 metres.
Wests Tigers 8-2
40 min: Manly finish with something to show for the half, but were hurt by their failure to penetrate in the first 20 and the Tigers go into the interval with an eight points to two advantage.
41 min: Second half under way.
41 min: Ellis has done some damage to his left quad and is receiving some medical attention.
42 min: Bad drop from Tom Humble at the back for the Tigers and Manly have a scrum ten out from the Tigers' line.
44 min: TRY
TRY to the Sea Eagles!
Superb ball play from Daly Cherry Evans, gets it out to Jason King, putting him in to score. Lyon converts and scores are level.
8 all
46 min: Another error from the Tigers on their line with Utai spilling the ball.
The Tigers compound the error by conceding a PENALTY and Lyon converts it into 2 points to give Manly the lead.
Manly Sea Eagles 10-8
49 min: TRY
TRY to the Sea Eagles!
Cherry-Evans throws a dummy 30 out from his own line, dummies again and blitzes through the Tigers defence, streaking down the field to score near the posts. Lyon converts.
Manly Sea Eagles 16-8
51 min: Manly have really claimed the early stages of this half and their 14 points in 10 minutes has really hurt the Tigpies.
55 min: We've seen a few complete sets in a row and the Tigers are trying to inch their way back into this match.
55 min: We've seen a few complete sets in a row and the Tigers are trying to inch their way back into this match.
56 min: Manly earn a repeat set at the Tigers' line by forcing a line drop out.
58 min: Tigers infringement and "six again" for Manly ten out.
60 min: TRY
TRY to the Sea Eagles!
The Tigers defence just can't hold on and Tony Williams barges over the top of Robbie Farah to score. Easy conversion for Jamie Lyon and he nails it.
Manly Sea Eagles 22-8
61 min: Manly mistake and the Tigers pounce on the ball 15 out.
62 min: In attempting to kick the ball, Farah drops it and Manly thank him for it.
63 min: Interception by Michael Oldfield, bats it up and collects it and Manly are right on the attack.
64 min: PENALTY against Manly for a second effort from David Williams and the Tigers needed that.
65 min: Benji Marshall forward pass and Manly are gifted a scrum on halfway.
66 min: Mistake from Foran and Manly return the gift.
67 min: Strange sequence of events sees the Tigers handed a scrum about 12 out from the Manly line.
70 min: TRY
TRY to the TIGERS!
Oldfield tries to push a Marshall kick dead, but Beau knows how to score a try, he flies in picks it up, then puts it down for four points just inside the corner. Marshall fails to convert.
Manly Sea Eagles 22-12
71 min: The Tigers have found a new spring in their step and make big metres with this set and look to have forced the line drop out for a repeat set of six. Cummins looks upstairs for some help and it appears Fulton has knocked on, 20 metre tap Manly.
75 min: Some exciting passages of play with the Tigers going on the attack, but this again ends in a Tigers' error.
77 min: TRY
TRY to the Tigers
Robbie Farah drifts across, grubbers, Lawrence collects it throws it on in the inside, Joel Reddy Pounces onto it and miraculously grounds the ball, ref has a good view of it and rewards it on the spot. Marshall converts.
Manly Sea Eagles 22-18
79 min: Farah bombs high at the Manly line and the Tigers hand the ball over.
80 min: Reddy drops the ball backwards and Ballin falls onto it to just about claim the match.
80 min: There goes the hooter and Manly do indeed walk away with victory, defeating the Tigers 22 points to 18.

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