Mason drama could see sponsors walk away

The latest drama to rock the Bulldogs is having a potentially devastating affect on the clubs bottom line with several major sponsorship deals on hold until the uncertain futures of CEO Malcolm Noad and forward Willie Mason are decided.

Leagueunlimited has learnt any potential sponsorship deals will now be on hold pending the outcome of this latest drama.

Willie Mason has threatened to quit the club and has made it public knowledge there is no love lost between himself and Malcolm Noad. Bulldogs management are yet to resolve this latest impasse but it looks certain that within a week either Mason or Noad will no longer be at the club.

Should Mason leave, any potential sponsorship deal could be devalued as Mason represents exposure for the club and its sponsors and more importantly, his ability as a big match player puts bums on seats.

The Bulldogs without Mason are a borderline top eight team and with Mark O