Melbourne Based Dragons Supporters

Hello Dragons supporters

This week the Dragons chase their sixth straight win when they take on the Storm at Olympic Park in Sunny Melbourne.

The match is on Sunday and kicks off at 2.30pm. Details for the Melbourne Based Dragons Supporters Club are as follows:

12pm Lunch and Drinks at the Depot Hotel, 60 Swan St, Richmond, (approx 500m east of Olympic Park). At this stage there are approximately 60 Dragons supporters from Melbourne, Sydney, Albury, Geelong and other parts of the country that have confirmed that they will be attending the Depot so it should be one hell of start to a great day.

2.30pm Kick off between the Dragons and the Storm at Olympic Park. If you haven?t purchased your tickets and you would like to watch the game with other Red V supporters, purchase tickets for the Eastern Stand, Bay 36, around rows L and M. Go for rows K and N if the other two rows are sold out.

Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for concession.

4.30pm Depot Hotel where hopefully we?ll be celebrating our sixth straight win.

See you all for lunch at the Depot Hotel and go the mighty Dragons.