Melbourne hold
Dragons to a draw

Melbourne Storm have managed to hang on, with a man down, to once again leave the Dragons without a win, drawing 30 all.

The first half was evenly matched with both teams committed to getting the 2 points.

In the 30th min, Walker from the Storm was sent off for a swinging arm tackle on Ryles (pictured). This had an immediate effect on the Storm players, and they scored straight away.

Half time saw the Storm in the lead 18-14

The Dragons came out firing in the second half, and were rewarded early with a try.

Both teams put up some good tries, but by the end of the game, the tough encounter was wearing them both down. Melbourne especially, with a player short, was suffering, but had done a great job defencesively.

The last five minutes had the Dragons miss 3 chances at a field goal to win the match.

In the end I feel, a draw was a fair indication of the match, though full credit to Melbourne.

Top players:

3 points - Swain (Storm) 2 points - Barrett (Dragons) 1 point - Hill (Storm)

3:00PM, 14 June 2002 WIN Stadium Referee: S Hampstead Dragons 30(Tries: Smith, Laloata, Cooper, Felsch, Riddell, Gorrell. Goals: Gorrell 2/4, Riddell 1/2) draw with Storm 30(Tries: Orford 2, Williams, Swain, Leyshon. Goals: Orford 5/6)