Melbourne Supporters Info - Dragons v Bulldogs

Dragons Supporters,

There was a huge crowd on hand in the "MBDS Reserve" at Steakout to witness the Dragons disappointing loss against the Eels and despite the loss some of us managed to party on to the wee small hours.

While the last few weeks for the Dragons have been a tad lean, no doubt this week we'll see a Dragons team that's MEAN! Reni Matua started the verbals with his comment the Dogs were going to "bash" the Dragons, and our boy Brownie has let his feelings on referee's be clearly known to all with his comments in the press. Just another week in the lead up to a big game in the NRL Premiership.

The MBDS screening of this classic encounter will again be held at SteakOut at Crown Casino on Sunday afternoon. This match will be a huge game for the Dragons as they try to get their 2006 campaign back on track. Channel Nine in Sydney have chosen this match to be the Sunday 4pm game, and the SteakOut is the only place in Melbourne you can see the action screened at 4pm.

WHAT: Dragons v Bulldogs
WHERE: SteakOut, Level 1 Crown Casino
WHEN: Sunday 13th August, 4pm