Melbourne Supporters Info - Dragons v

Dragons Supporters,

After last weeks annihilation of the reigning premiers at Oki Jubilee, this week the Dragons take on local rivals the Sharks in a Saturday night derby at WIN stadium. Using Ben Hornby closer to the ruck and demonstrating more patience with the ball were both critical factors in the win. Clearly we are back in the race.

The MBDS were invited to the Melbourne-based West Tigers Fanatics group's screening at the Rising Sun Hotel at Richmond last Sunday . A great afternoon was had by all. Plenty of light hearted banter was flying between both groups, and the Tigers fans certainly felt confident right up until kick off when they realised who they were actually up against and that it was all in vain. Watching the game with another opposing local supporters group added that extra spark to the day and we look forward to the next clash with the Tigers.

This week?s screening is at the Grosvenor Hotel on Saturday night against the Sharks. With 2 rounds to go this is another crucial match to boost our run to the semi finals. Get along to the Grosvenor to show your support for the Dragons, and why not enjoy a meal in the restaurant before the game as many of us did last time. See you there!

WHAT: Dragons v Sharks
WHERE: Grosvenor Hotel, 10 Brighton Road East St Kilda
WHEN: Saturday 26th August, 7:30pm LIVE.