Men of League to play in curtain

The Men of League players and Cougar World Sevens international sides including Russia, France, Tonga and Samoa will be at Aussie Stadium at 11:00am today, Friday 23 January, in final preparation for this weekend's tournament.

Matthew Johns, Russell Fairfax, Graham Wynn and Ricky Walford will be some of the Men of League stars (collectively the players in the team have amassed 14 premierships) under the coaching of one of the game's greatest players, Ron Coote.

International teams in Australia to compete in the Cougar Bourbon World Sevens, kicking off at 1:00pm on Saturday, will also have a chance to tour Aussie Stadium this morning.

The 11am 'walk-around' is a chance for the likes of Russia and the other visiting teams to familiarize themselves with the Aussie Stadium turf.

RLIF Chairman Mr Colin Love and RLIF Vice President, Mr Maurice Lindsay will meet with the teams tomorrow.

The Men of League are due to play the Cougar Bourbon All-Stars in a curtain raiser to the finals at 4.57pm on Sunday.

Please find the Men of League team listed below:

Arthur Beetson (non-playing captain)

Matthew Johns (playing-captain)

Brett Kenny

Paul McGregor

Allan Langer

Russell Fairfax

Craig Coleman

Barry Beath

John Dorahy

Laurie Daley

Harry Eden

Graeme Wynn

Ricky Walford

Reserve Mario Fenech

Coach: Ron Coote

Manager: Darrell Bampton

Referee: Bill Harrigan

ALL STARS; Nick Kastrounis (c), Michael Kastrounis, Frank Maggos, Michael Maggos, Tony Cimino, Rami Barham, George Constantine, Chris Xipolitas, Tass Foundouradakis, John Foundouradakis. Coach: John Gibbs.