Message from Malcolm Noad, CEO
Mitsubishi Electric Bulldogs

I am writing in response to a factually incorrect article by Phil Rothfield in The Daily Telegraph today.

I can only assume that Rothfield has written this piece in response to the Bulldogs? stance against his newspapers. The irony is that this article, which contains errors, is a perfect example of why the Bulldogs have taken this position.

I felt it was important for you all to know the truth rather than what has been presented by Rothfield.

Last year at the Bulldogs 70th Anniversary function I purchased a nine-day holiday to Greece during a charity auction. In fact, I paid well over the actual value for the trip. The conditions attached to the holiday stated that it had to be taken between March and September this year. It made sense to book the trip for this week while the Bulldogs had a bye so as I would not miss any games and while the players and football staff also had some time off.

The Bulldogs Board approved my taking leave over this period.

Rothfield?s first error is that I cannot be contacted while overseas. My mobile phone has international roaming, a standard feature available on all mobile networks, and I have been in regular contact with the Bulldogs Club and other people in Australia while I have been away.

If anyone was to call and get my voice message it states that I am away for a few days, but also says that I will return any messages left, a point conveniently left out of Rothfield?s story. My mobile phone message also directed anyone with pressing matters to contact Bulldogs media manager Chris O?Brien.

Rothfield?s second error is to claim that Chris O?Brien is looking after player negotiations, including those with Braith Anasta, while I am out of the country. Rothfield knew that this claim was incorrect when he wrote it because Bulldogs Chairman Dr George Peponis informed him that our football manager Bradley Clyde and George Peponis himself were across all negotiations with our players and could finalise any contracts should that be required. Had Rothfield contacted Chris O?Brien directly, he would have been given the same information.

Rothfield, in fact, contradicts his own assertion that Chris O?Brien has been given the power to negotiate deals with players by including a quote from George Peponis stating that ?Bradley Clyde has been involved in all negotiations. If Greg Willett (Anasta?s manager) and Braith decide they want to stay at the Bulldogs, Bradley and I could sign him tomorrow.?

As stated above, I am in regular contact with all staff at the Bulldogs Club and should any player, manager or member of the media wish to speak to me directly they can call my mobile phone.

A point that Rothfield has not considered in his article is that Braith is in camp at the moment with the NSW State of Origin team. It would be irresponsible of the Bulldogs to be contacting him about contract negotiations while he is focusing on helping the Blues level the series. I believe all league fans would be appalled if they thought the Bulldogs were bothering Braith during this important time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.


Malcolm Noad

Updated: Message from Malcolm Noad, CEO Mitsubishi Electric Bulldogs June 9, 2005

I would like to add a further comment to my response earIier today to a factually incorrect article by Phil Rothfield in The Daily Telegraph today in which he has implied that as I am in Greece until Wednesday, June 15 that I am neglecting my duties as CEO of the Bulldogs.

Rothfield has stated that I should be in Sydney finalizing contract negotiations with Braith Anasta and his manager Greg Willett. What Rothfield has failed to also report is that Greg Willett has been in Hong Kong since last Tuesday and will be returning next week.

I have spoken with Greg today and he has reiterated that he and I will sit down to discuss Braith?s future after the second State Of Origin match next week.

I felt it was important for all the facts to be revealed, not just the claims made by Rothfield.


Malcolm Noad