Mike Gregory to receive medical

The Wigan club today revealed that their Head Coach Mike Gregory has developed a chronic bacterial infection which will require Mike to enter hospital for treatment.

Wigan Chairman Maurice Lindsay said,

"Mike has been suffering from what has turned out to be a debilitating infection for some time and tests have revealed that the infection almost certainly started with an insect bite when Mike was on tour with the Great Britain Academy side throughout Australasia and South Africa. It has been most distressing for Mike who has been battling away but has reached a stage where he will require hospital treatment. The infection is not contagious but needs treatment and the advise is that the best treatment available is in America. Mike will therefore remain in charge of the team until the Challenge Cup Final and then will travel to America for the appropriate treatment."

Lindsay continued,

"Mike is much valued by the club and has played a major part in getting us to the Challenge Cup Final. Everyone at the club and especially the players are fully supportive of Mike and everyone is determined to provide him with the win he deserves. His health, however, is of prime importance and we are determined to bring him back with a clean bill of health. In his absence Denis Betts will take over the reigns and like the rest of us Denis will be hoping for Mikes swift return."

Lindsay added,

"Mike wants to reassure the fans that the illness is totally curable and is hoping that everyone will focus not on his temporary problem but the need to support Wigan in their determination to win the Challenge Cup."