Millward Responds Angrily to St Helens Statement

Ian Millward today expressed his anger and disappointment at the statement put out by the St Helens club following a lengthy mediation meeting yesterday.

Millward said,

"The truth of the matter is that I met the St Helens Chairman and Chief Executive yesterday with both sets of lawyers present. It was in fact a mediation meeting held prior to a full court hearing that was scheduled for later this year. The mediation meeting lasted for almost fourteen hours when many issues were discussed. At the end of the day I was getting concerned that if the court case was going to be as protracted as this then it would seriously interfere with my duties at Wigan, particularly as the lengthy hearing would be taking place during the season. I am sure Mr McManus and Mr McGuire could afford significant time but I am Head Coach at a world famous club and I could not afford that kind of time which would significantly interfere with my club duties."

Millward continued,

"My lawyers were certainly prepared to take my complaints forward but at the end of the day and with the Wigan club in mind, I agreed to compromise.As a result we agreed with St Helens what was an amicable and totally agreed settlement. It is true that St Helens have now made a significant contribution to my legal costs. I have made no contribution to theirs."

Millward added,

"What disappoints me is the terminology used by the St Helens club in their statement such as' tainted memories'. The fact is, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at St Helens and the supporters were very good to me. I also want to say that I am superbly happy at Wigan and I have had great support from my Chairman, Maurice Lindsay, with whom I have discussed this whole case. Maurice and Dave Whelan have backed me from day one but understand that by discontinuing the case I can fully concentrate on my club duties. That is what I will now concentrate on and the St Helens issue is behind me."