Mini Knights Fans To Flood The Field

Mini Knights fans to flood the field

In a move designed to emulate the development of a 'family friendly' culture, the Coal & Allied Newcastle Knights will allow young children and families to run out on to the field, complete with football in hand; and emulate their heroes after the final siren at this weekend's game against the New Zealand Warriors at Ausgrid Stadium on Sunday.

"After the game, children will be encouraged to run out on to the field in another exciting new initiative to demonstrate the Clubs progression and development," said Troy Palmer, Acting CEO of the Newcastle Knights.

"With a nod to the era when fans took to the field after the final siren sounded, existing and new members under the "Strength in Numbers" campaign who attend the Sunday home game will witness groups of children enter the pitch eager to emulate their sporting idols in front of tens of thousands of spectators."

"This is a really positive and enjoyable addition to
our game day operations and just another way of returning the team to its roots; the local community," he said.

Once the game has come to a finish and the siren sounds, there will be a second siren to follow once the players have left the field. This will indicate all children are allowed to run out and flood the field with their excitement and enthusiasm. A third siren will then sound to notify patrons to leave the field of play.

Fans need to keep an eye out for instructions on the big screens at the game for notification of entry and exit points to the field.

This initiative stems from the "Strength in Numbers" Campaign - aimed at attracting 10,000 new Members. Sign up today and be a part of this exciting new initiative. Visit or visit