Mortimer confused over Police

Bulldogs Chief Executive Steve Mortimer says he was not aware that Police were investigating the possibility of a seventh player having information about last month's alleged sexual assault in Coffs Harbour.

Mortimer has urged detectives investigating the alleged incident to inform Bulldogs lawyers about the information they have relating to a seventh player.

"Until Detective Inspector Breton?s news conference this morning, neither the Club nor its legal advisers had been advised by investigating police that they had information about at seventh player allegedly able to assist them," Mortimer said.

Earlier today, Detective Inspector Breton urged a seventh player who may have witnessed the alleged assault to come forward.

Mortimer says the Bulldogs are cooperating with those investigating the case, but need to know full details of what the Police need and want.

"If such information does in fact exist we ask that the police pass it on to our legal advisers in the appropriate manner so that they may make enquiries and respond, also, in an appropriate manner," he said.

"Each and every player who attended Coffs Harbour strenuously denies any involvement in any alleged wrong doing. Every one of those players is entitled to the presumption of innocence."

At the time of this morning's media conference by Inspector Breton, the Bulldogs legal representatives were in conference with the Senior Detectives from Strike Force McGuigan at the Parramatta Police Centre.

"We are advised by our legal advisers that the comments attributed to Detective Inspector Breton are at odds with comments made privately to them at this morning?s meeting," Mortimer said.

Mortimer has again refused to comment specifically about the incident, saying the investigation needs to run its course.

"Apart from repeating that all our players deny any involvement in any wrong doing at Coffs Harbour, we do not wish to add further to the considerable speculation that already surrounds this matter," he said.

"As we have previously stated, this Club will not engage in conduct or comment, which could potentially prejudice the outcome of this enquiry. We look forward to its early conclusion."