Mortimer losing control

It would appear that Steve Mortimer is losing control of the Bulldogs, with confirmation that his pleas for players to look more presentable when being interviewed by police fell on deaf ears.

Mortimer, talking in Big League Magazine, says he was "gutted" when he saw television footage of players wearing shorts, shirts, caps and thongs after he had told them not to.

Mortimer had asked players to wear more sensible clothing after the club was scrutinised for its presentation on the first day of Police interviews relating to the alleged sexual assault of a young woman in Coffs Harbour last month.

It's understood Mortimer is struggling in his role of Chief Executive and may have lost the confidence of players. He was visibly upset and tired when appearing on Channel Nine's Today program yesterday.

Police continue to tell of their anger and frustration in relation to the Bulldogs case, saying the only statements players have given have come from prepared documents. All have submitted DNA tests, with the exception of star winger Hazem El Masri.

They are still waiting for a seventh player who may have vital information about the alleged assault to come forward. There's speculation he is keeping quiet as part of a "player trust code".

There's continued speculation and rumours in rugby league circles today that Mortimer could be set to quit the troubled club as players continue to defy requests from both him and police. Yesterday, however, he said there's various things he could say but can't until police investigations have concluded.

Mortimer has shown no signs of giving up in his interview with Big League this week, saying he plans to make sweeping changes at the club.

"You have to have players who have respect for senior management and will adhere to policy," he said. "That clearly hasn't happened, so I have to ask the question why that is the case. "Add that to the players turning up the second day (of the police inquiry) after I had instructed them to wear smart casual, and it is apparent something is wrong in the system."

The saga continues.