MRLA onwards and upwards

The Maltese Rugby League Association (MRLA) and Parramatta Melita Eagles Soccer Club (PMESC) of Sydney-Australia have parted ways following a twelve-month relationship.

MRLA Chairman, Michael Borg, said today that the decision to part ways with PMESC was a very difficult one, and was strictly a business decision that was made in the best long-term interests of the MRLA.

?Sometimes tough decisions need to be made and this was one of them? Borg said.

?Most importantly, however, this decision was the correct one?

In mid 2004, the MRLA came to nothing more than a handshake agreement to play two fixtures at Melita Stadium in September and October 2004, in which the MRLA duly honoured this commitment entirely 100%.

?As with any handshake agreement, a review of arrangements should be made from time to time?

?The MRLA had attempted to arrange a meeting with PMESC to discuss the possibility of staging a fixture at Melita Stadium in October 2005, however a meeting could not be arranged with PMESC?

?I can also be on record in saying that, despite this difficult decision and the obvious disappointment, no-one at the MRLA holds any animosity whatsoever towards PMESC and will only speak of PMESC in a positive manner?

The MRLA Board wish PMESC the best in their future endeavours.