Nathan Hindmarsh

Few players can demand the respect of all league fans, across all 16 teams and above all rivalries. If you are a New South Welshman, you had to respect Darren Lockyer above your hatred for Queensland. If you hate Manly... you had to respect Bob Fulton. No matter what colours you wear, when it comes to Nathan Hindmarsh, every league fan has marvelled at his resilience, his passion, his talent and his unbelievable awareness on the football field. Hindmarsh was always there as the first and last line of defence for Club, State and Country.

For Parramatta fans, this Sunday night represents a chance to simply say 'thank you' and cheer for the 330th time for the one they call Hindy. A twinge of sadness and regret will overcome them as well. Sadness that they will miss him and regret that he didn