National Under 15 Schoolboys

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Results from Day One of the Australian Secondary School Schoolboys Exchange at Rockhampton.

Game 1: Western Australia 20 (Tries: Chris Jackson 3, Jackson Mathers Goals: Bjorn Crotty 2)


Northern Territory 14 (Aaron Fairweather 2, Malakai Tawake Goals: Callum Brady 1).

Player of Match: Chris Jackson - Aranmore College, Mitchell Russell - O'Loughlin College.

Game 2: NSWCCC 32 (Tries: Nathan Gardner 3, Patrick Jenkinson, Brad Murray, John Feiloakitau Goals: Brad Murray 3, Nathan Gardner)


ACT 12 (Tries: Chris Hill, Shane Hannaford Goals: Trent Holland 2).

Player of Match: Nathan Gardner - Patrician Brothers Fairfield, Trent Holland - St Edmund's College.

Game 3: Victoria 30 (Tries: Sam Nguyen 2, Beau Keefe, Jake Pacskowski, Sean Samaranayake, Stephen Latu Goals: Josh Millgate 3 )


NSWCIS 12 (Tries: Laen Diamond, James Parrish Goal:Rhys Lenaduzzi 2).

Player of Match: Dylan Jones - Lyndale Secondary College, Vikram Atwal - Bishop Druitt College.

Game 4: NSWCHS 22 (Tries: Kyle Stanley, Matthew Mundine, Wade Graham, Dean Whare Goals: Lachlan Coote 3)


Queensland 16 (Tries: Turi Bannister, Jared Huston, Ben Jones Goals: Patrick Fray 2).

Player of Match: Matthew Mundine - Endeavour Sports High, Joshua McGuire - Redcliffe High.

Results from Day Two of the Australian Secondary Schools Under 15 Exchange at Rockhmpton.

Game 1: West Australia 42 (Tries: Sam Sumich 2, Shane Linder 2, Daniel Hauiti, Corey Broughton, Daniel Good, Simon Shipway Goals: Daniel Good 5)

defeated South Australia 0.

Player of Match: Paeahi Tamati - Aranmore College, George Long - Ross Smith Secondary College

Game 2: Queensland 62 (Tries: Turi Bannister 2, Ben Jones 2, Gerard Beale, Robert Lui, Jared Huston, Joshua Maguire, Ben Hunt, Patrick Frey, Ben Hennaway, Ray Thompson Goals: Ryan Hanson 4, Patrick Frey 3)


ACT 6 (Tries: Trent Holland Goals: Anthony Crowe).

Player of Match: Andrew Clayton - Brisbane State High, Mark Nicholls - Daramalan College

Game 3: Northern Territory 16 (Tries: Mitchell Morgan, Matthew Johnson, Tyler Malone Goals: John O'Donohoe, Mitchell Morgan )


NSWCIS 14 (Tries: Jonothan Neasey, Rhys Lenaduzzi, Adam Broadhead Goal: Adam Broadhead).

Player of Match: Alex Munro - Darwin High, Rhys Lenaduzzi - Chevalier College

Game 4: NSWCHS 28 (Tries: Travis Roache, Brad Bennett, Matthew Mundine, Lachlan Coote Goals: Lachlan Coote 4)


NSWCCC 16 (Tries: Kieran Foran 3 Goals: Brad Murray 2).

Player of Match: Wesley Suckley - Coonabarrabran High, Brad Graham - Red Bend College Forbes