New SMS Forum

We at League Unlimited are inviting people to give their thoughts on a comprehensive SMS service for Rugby League. We'd like to hear your thoughts on how SMS and Rugby League could be combined to provide you with a better Rugby League experience.

Things like purchasing tickets to Rugby League matches with your mobile phone to SMS live score updates and the latest breaking news on major player movements are some of the issues we are planning to explore and we need your feedback on how best to make it happen.

We have created our own forum for people to make a wish list on what they want us to provide. We also want to get some feedback on the cost of SMS. Should it be free or are you prepared to pay for the information direct to your handset.

If you are interested in helping us provide this service, please leave your views and thoughts on our new SMS forum. Just click on this link to have your say: SMS FORUM


The League Unlimited team.