New Zealand Warriors win on the bell against Disappointing Dogs.

The New Zealand Warriors have celebrated Steven Price's career in grand style defeating the Bulldogs 30-24 in front 17 thousand people at ANZ Stadium tonight.

The Bulldogs started off the quicker after a Manu Vatuvei error, Brett Kimmorley split defenders and scored after being held up the first time earlier in the tackle count.

New Zealand wouldn't be held to zero for long though after Brent Tate bounced on a James Maloney grubber to even up the scores.

They added to their advantage in the twenty-sixth minute when Manu Vatuvei strolled in from a Joel Moon tip-on. Canterbury would score just before oranges when Benjamin Barba showed some excellent footwork to score and Bryson Goodwin kicked the conversion to make it 12 all at the half.

James Maloney started the second half strong for the visiting team after slicing through some feeble Bulldogs defence, passed it to Jacob Lillyman who scored right under the posts. Kevin Locke made the difference twelve two minutes later, after a Barba mistake to score untouched.

An error by Joel Moon close to his own line, allowed Michael Ennis to drift across the field and put in a grubber for Luke Pattern to score to begin their comeack. The sides would draw level again for the third time in the match, when Jamal Idris just powered his way over the line and Goodwin had a perfect night with the boot kicking 4/4.

 The next ten minutes resulted in an arm wrestle for the sides, with the kicking games important but the Bulldogs would have the first attempt to break the deadlock when Bryson Goodwin nearly scored in the corner but was pushed into touch. Kimmorley tried a field goal six minutes later but it went wide and this left the Warriors to win the game on the bell.

They ran it on the last, Lewis Brown kicking the ball and swooping after a Pattern knock on to send Hohaia in for the matchwinner. James Maloney kicked 5/5 for the night to seal a 30-24 victory.

Next week the New Zealand Warriors travel back home to host the Penrith Panthers and the Bulldogs will travel just down the road to the Sydney Football Stadium to face an in-form West Tigers team.

Match Details
Canterbury Bulldogs 24 were defeated by New Zealand Warriors 30
National Rugby League - NRL - Round 5 - Saturday April 10, 2010 7:30pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Jason Robinson and Tony De Las Heras
Video Referee: Bill Harrigan
Touch Judges: Steve Chiddy and Henry Perenara
Crowd: 17,095
Halftime: Canterbury Bulldogs 12 New Zealand Warriors 12 players of the match:
3 Points - James Maloney (5 Conversions)
2 Points - Lewis Brown
1 Point - Brett Kimmorley (1 Try)

Tries: Luke Patten, Ben Barba, Jamal Idris, Brett Kimmorley
Field Goals: Brett Kimmorley (0/1)
Conversions: Bryson Goodwin (4/4)

Tries: Brent Tate, Lance Hohaia, Manu Vatuvei, Jacob Lillyman, Kevin Locke
Conversions: James Maloney (5/5) Live Commentary Welcome to ANZ for tonight's clash between the Canterbury Bulldogs and New Zealand Warriors!
2 changes for the Bulldogs with Warburton starting and Martin Taupau coming onto the bench and for the Warriors Vatuvei is back and Henderson onto the bench.
1 min: Warriors get us underway for this game.
4 min: Vatuvei has a slow start to his return dropping his first carry trying to keep it in-field.
7 min: TRY
Kimmorley goes one better this time after being held up last time. slicing through and scoring. Conversion attempt by Bryson Goodwin successful.
Canterbury Bulldogs 6-0
8 min: Canterbury get out of their own end easily after the Warriors have their hand on the ball.
9 min: Ryan drops the ball in a good position to give the Warriors a reprieve.
10 min: New Zealand get their first set on attack after a sloppy play the ball by Goodwin.
12 min: McKinnon starts a movement from the Warriors own end but they throw one pass too many and hand it over to the Bulldogs.
13 min: Stagg tries a silly offload in a tackle and drops it.
16 min: Michael Ennis hits Sam Rapira late and allows the Warriors another chance for their first points.
18 min: TRY
Brent Tate jumps on a nice grubber from Maloney and scores his first try as captain! Conversion attempt by James Maloney successful.
6 all
22 min: Markers were never square and the referee blows the whistle for a penalty. Canterbury on the attack.
23 min: Warriors with some razzle dazzle from their own end with Manu keeping it alive on halfway for Lewis Brown who is collected high by Pattern for a penalty.
26 min: TRY
Warriors have stretched the Bulldogs and Moon tips it on for Vatuvei to collect his first try. Conversion attempt by James Maloney successful.
New Zealand Warriors 12-6
29 min: Vatuvei makes a nice break downfield but the Warriors spread it to the other side and Moon fumbles, allowing Gordon to run downfield but he's caught by Vatuvei!
30 min: Kimmorley throws a waywayrd pass which is dropped but Warriors oblige and drop it a few plays later.
32 min: Ben Roberts launches a high bomb which hits Idris but is ruled to have gone forward in goal. Warriors out to the 20.
34 min: A good end to the set there for the Warriors dabbling it in-goal and tackling Barba when he grabs it. Repeat set coming for the Warriors to add to their lead.
36 min: Ben Hannant juggles it a few times but drops it right on halfway.
37 min: Warriors again try to throw one pass too many and give up the ball.
39 min: Bulldogs force back to back repeat sets after Vatuvei has to bat it dead.
40 min: TRY
Ben Hannant is held up with thirty seconds to go. Canterbury spread it left and Barba steps two defenders and scores. Conversion attempt by Bryson Goodwin successful.
12 all
40 min: HALFTIME - Both teams will need to control more of the ball but the Bulldogs will be bouyed by that try right on the bell.
41 min: Michael Ennis gets us underway for the second half.
41 min: Warriors fail to complete their first set, with a forward pass to Henderson.
47 min: TRY
James Maloney slices through the dogs after a good set and passes to Lillyman who scores right under the posts. While this is happening Manu Vatuvei is hobbling off the field. Conversion attempt by James Maloney successful.
New Zealand Warriors 18-12
49 min: TRY
Warriors again march up the field and kick it on the last into Barba who spills it and Locke swoops in and scores. Conversion attempt by James Maloney successful.
New Zealand Warriors 24-12
51 min: Off the return, good contact is made and the Warriors drop the ball, giving Canterbury a chance to attack but Josh Morris drops the final pass from Barba.
53 min: Kevin Locke almost pulls off a great move batting it back for another Warriors player but he's deemed to have put his foot into touch.
55 min: Joel Moon tries to grab at an offload but drops it and Morris tries to swoop on the ball but knocks it on, double knock on. Scrum to Bulldogs.
57 min: TRY
Michael Ennis drifts across and grubbers the ball with Pattern catches it and scores! Conversion attempt by Bryson Goodwin successful.
New Zealand Warriors 24-18
59 min: Canterbury are just marching downfield after a high tackle penalty against Hohaia.
60 min: TRY
Jamal Idris just runs a good hole and powers his way over the line! Conversion attempt by Bryson Goodwin successful.
24 all
65 min: Both teams going set for set here at the moment.
67 min: A big hit here by Ben Matulino forces the ball free from Turner.
70 min: James Maloney jumps at Bryson Goodwin and conceeds a penalty for a high tackle.
71 min: Goodwin is on the end of a good backline movement but is pushed into touch!
72 min: Lewis Brown offloads to Tate who is almost away but Kimmorley makes a try saver and the Warriors kick it high but is taken by Goodwin easily again.
74 min: Bulldogs drop it on halfway and Warriors keep it alive on each tackle but they recieve a repeat set after catching Pattern in goal.
75 min: Steve Turner saves a certain try after a good tackle on Lewis Brown and then backs up and the Bulldogs recieve a penalty and have good field position.
Kimmorley goes for the field goal early in the tackle count but it's wide.
24 all
80 min: TRY
The Warriors chance their arm on the last while Lewis Brown kicking it through, Pattern knocks on it's picked up by Brown then passed to Hohaia who scores the matchwinner. Conversion attempt by James Maloney successful.
New Zealand Warriors 30-24
80 min: FULLTIME - An entertaining contest which went down to the wire and the Warriors finish the game how they started throwing it around and it got them the win.

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